Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I was recently reminded of this picture. Even my mom had a hard time picking me out in the crowd. I think my eyes have 3 modes: smiling (shut), normal, and extra-wide for emphasis.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Cattail Run Farm

If you've never been to my place, I hope you can come visit sometime. Well, it's not really my place. The lady who owns the Farm is a small, elderly Englishwoman who is fond of gates and English gardens. It is a beautiful, serene, idyllic and bucolic place. I wish I could live here forever!

I have a hard time doing it justice by capturing it in pictures, so I rarely try, but recently I snapped a few with my phone's camera.

These are from a few weeks ago when we were blessed with several foggy, overcast mornings which I find strangely beautiful.


I live in the Pool House at Cattail Run Farm. This is a view of the pool, which is covered for the winter. Outside the frame of this picture is my house to the right and the main house to the left. I thought these dew-covered spider webs looked cool.
The view of the webs and beyond from the other side of the gate.

The gardens are cleared out for winter, but spring through summer, the inside of the wall is lined with flower beds that bloom with one type of flower after another. Very well-planned.

This aluminum tray, glass bulb cover and broken flower pot have been sitting on the wall for more than a year. My Englishwoman friend and I have this in common -- I don't notice things like this as in need of being cleaned up. In fact, I think it's a beautiful study in texture, color and contrast. The moss and weeds growing out give a unique, bonsai-like appearance.

Closer inspection of the unlikely bonsai.

No, not a Toyota ad: More of the property. Almost every evening, deer come parading through here. I've also seen wild turkeys and foxes.

The vegetable garden at left is directly behind my house. The Gatorade bottles on a string are to deter deer. They apparently work.

This little guy runs along the walls and just looks so cute. Finally got a picture of him.