Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Developments

There is a lot of development going on here in Gaborone.

A "5-star" hotel and office space anchor a brand-new, mini town centre -- walking distance from our house (although there are no sidewalks for us to walk there).

Is this what you thought Botswana looks like?
Gaborone's first coffee shop.

Office space with a restaurant and fountains below.

It's surprising and exciting to me, too. The centre is modern and has a few new restaurants, a spa, and some shopping -- clothing, gift, and home decor boutiques, a Bang and Olufsen, and an Apple store! (Turns out I don't think they are actually a licensed Apple retailer ...), and my hair stylist opened his own salon there. Love that all of this is so close to my house! It is also halfway between my house and the office, very convenient.

We went to dinner with friends at the new French restaurant, La Touche de Provence, in the hotel. Great food.

Appetizer: Mussels and sauce with garnish n a pastry round. Still craving more!

Appetizer: Blue cheese souffle.

Kingklip (white fish) on polenta.

Kingklip on potatoes.

Stuffed chicken.

Rack of lamb.

Desserts: Apple crumble and fruit compote.

To appreciate all of this, you have to realize that NONE OF THIS DEVELOPMENT was here when I arrived a year and a half ago. It's quite a juxtaposition; the area surrounding the new developments are still bush, with scrub trees, thorn bushes, and dirt paths.