Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rare Photo Evidence

Hmmm, isn't someone looking like the cat who swallowed the canary? I should've known he was up to something ...

"Aha! I've got him in my web now!"

Quite possibly the best day of my life.

The photos above are from a great hike I went on recently :D

SO, I have been carrying my tiny little spy camera around with me everywhere, in the event I see something happening that I can record and blog about. I've always wanted a purpose to chronicle these little highlights of the day. Of course, the incessant feel-good/guilt trip anecdotes, urgings and resolutions to journal weren't enough. Thank goodness Half-Breed Outlaw: Online burst on the scene to save the day!

TODAY, I stopped by a comic book store near my house to check out all the hype. My beloved grew up reading comics, which I can't really relate to. My only experience with comics was when I was about 11 and my parents' friends came over with their 11-year-old son, who, while the folks were visiting, proceeded to tell me the storyline to every comic ever written. Nerd alert. Cruel & unusual punishment. Etc. But I'm willing to try to understand the appeal. After all, the X-Men movies are awesome and Wolverine is HOT!!

Segue to the shopping center this afternoon where I pulled up, thinking cosmic comic thoughts, and LO and BEHOLD, right in front of me was a hair salon with the most perfect view of a stylist giving a haircut. And no, no, no, not just ANY haircut!!!! The style to top all styles -- the anti-style -- the MULLET! I couldn't believe my eyes or my luck that I had my tiny little spy camera tucked in my bag.

Here is Rare Photo Evidence that people actually ASK for mullets (and get them!!!) at real, professional salons. I wish I could be all Photoshop-creative-Glamour Don'ts-style-like and put black bars over their eyes, but the crappy zoom should suffice:

Now, before you think I am being a Mean Girl (btw, is this totally violating any sort of privacy law or anything?) I will say that I, MYSELF, have a (modified) mullet. I actually asked my professional stylist friend to do it, and she wouldn't. But since she moved to Taiwan, I have asked subsequent stylists to just "keep it short on top" and "ooh, I like some length in the back" heh heh heh. I need to come to terms with the fact I don't have Japanese hair that is conducive to the "fashion mullet;" in fact, my hair disregards my intentions and does a mullet/'fro combo. I think my most recent stylist decided to get back at me for tricking her into a mullet by cutting me some unruly bangs; which I deflect with a swift sweep of a bobby pin. POW!!

I'm going to hit you, baby, one more time and give you a Rare Photo Evidence trifecta:
One night last week, my tiny little spy camera came in handy as I placed my order, rounded the corner of my local Taco Bell and pulled up to the drive-through window. The light pouring out seemed especially bright, and that's when I noticed Jesus. No, the Latin drive-through worker was not named Hey-SEUSS; there was this familiar, pass-along image of our Savior, hand extended like my Taco Bell friend extending that cheese quesadilla to me. I think it's really great they post that image.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Is This Heaven? No, it's New York

If you've seen Field of Dreams, or lived in Iowa, you know what I'm talking about.

I went to New York City last weekend! This was the second time in my entire life going there, and it was great. High school friend and college roommate, Amanda, and two of her friends who, along with me, were bridesmaids in her wedding last year, decided to trek from Omaha and Phoenix to NYC for an all-girl get-together. Since I have free flight bennies thanks to my U.S. Airways-employed main squeeze, I hopped up there Friday night to hang out for the weekend. Amazing.

Here we are, l-r: Lady Liberty, (I hate taking pictures with her, she makes me look huge); Angie; Amanda aka high school friend & college roomie; Half-Breed Outlaw aka modestmuse; Lori. Check out the super-sweet FANNY PACK I'm sporting!!! It's my new favorite thing. I've wanted one like this ever since 2004. I don't care if it's passe. I've tried traditional fanny packs between 2004 and last weekend, and they are just too bulky. This thing is slim, almost flat and has a stylish belt and buckle closure. Plus it's "GUCCI," with the logo emblazoned all over it, in case you forget.

The whole thing is so tongue-in-cheek, I love it. I got it out of this crazy back room above a shop on Canal St. It was a hilarious experience. The other girls were all about getting knockoff purses, and I was so over it, but I decided to join in the surreptitious bag-shopping experience. So, behind the curtain, through the hidden door and up the stairs we went. It wasn't until I had helped talk everyone through justifying buying their heart's desire in handbag form that, on my way out, I spied the Holy Grail of fanny packs!!! And in moments, it was mine.

I tend to misplace and subsequently lose things quite often (see PDA phone left on seat of bus in Mexico), so this will solve all my problems. I will wear it everywhere and put everything I need in it.

Once, I lived on the main drag in Waikiki for 24 hrs. and I decided the 3 things you need to survive indefinitely in any city are: a debit card, a bottle of water and a cell phone. The photo to the right was from that adventure (circa 2005). I love old folks and I thought this guy was so cute and sad. His Japanese tourist family parked him outside while they tore Chanel up. Nice!! BUT, upon closer inspection, I JUST NOW noticed that his uber-trendy (as we know all Japanese are) granddaughter in the background is WEARING aforementioned style of fanny pack!!!!! Now I love this photo even more!

New York really was amazing. I got caught up in the whole shopping experience and bought way too many Pashminas, but at $5 a pop, who wouldn't? I think I need to take a trip there sometime just to eat. There are 20,000 or 32,000 restaurants in NYC, depending on which tour guide you have; nonetheless, it is apparent there is a LOT of food to be eaten there, and I think I'm up for the challenge.