Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rare Photo Evidence

Hmmm, isn't someone looking like the cat who swallowed the canary? I should've known he was up to something ...

"Aha! I've got him in my web now!"

Quite possibly the best day of my life.

The photos above are from a great hike I went on recently :D

SO, I have been carrying my tiny little spy camera around with me everywhere, in the event I see something happening that I can record and blog about. I've always wanted a purpose to chronicle these little highlights of the day. Of course, the incessant feel-good/guilt trip anecdotes, urgings and resolutions to journal weren't enough. Thank goodness Half-Breed Outlaw: Online burst on the scene to save the day!

TODAY, I stopped by a comic book store near my house to check out all the hype. My beloved grew up reading comics, which I can't really relate to. My only experience with comics was when I was about 11 and my parents' friends came over with their 11-year-old son, who, while the folks were visiting, proceeded to tell me the storyline to every comic ever written. Nerd alert. Cruel & unusual punishment. Etc. But I'm willing to try to understand the appeal. After all, the X-Men movies are awesome and Wolverine is HOT!!

Segue to the shopping center this afternoon where I pulled up, thinking cosmic comic thoughts, and LO and BEHOLD, right in front of me was a hair salon with the most perfect view of a stylist giving a haircut. And no, no, no, not just ANY haircut!!!! The style to top all styles -- the anti-style -- the MULLET! I couldn't believe my eyes or my luck that I had my tiny little spy camera tucked in my bag.

Here is Rare Photo Evidence that people actually ASK for mullets (and get them!!!) at real, professional salons. I wish I could be all Photoshop-creative-Glamour Don'ts-style-like and put black bars over their eyes, but the crappy zoom should suffice:

Now, before you think I am being a Mean Girl (btw, is this totally violating any sort of privacy law or anything?) I will say that I, MYSELF, have a (modified) mullet. I actually asked my professional stylist friend to do it, and she wouldn't. But since she moved to Taiwan, I have asked subsequent stylists to just "keep it short on top" and "ooh, I like some length in the back" heh heh heh. I need to come to terms with the fact I don't have Japanese hair that is conducive to the "fashion mullet;" in fact, my hair disregards my intentions and does a mullet/'fro combo. I think my most recent stylist decided to get back at me for tricking her into a mullet by cutting me some unruly bangs; which I deflect with a swift sweep of a bobby pin. POW!!

I'm going to hit you, baby, one more time and give you a Rare Photo Evidence trifecta:
One night last week, my tiny little spy camera came in handy as I placed my order, rounded the corner of my local Taco Bell and pulled up to the drive-through window. The light pouring out seemed especially bright, and that's when I noticed Jesus. No, the Latin drive-through worker was not named Hey-SEUSS; there was this familiar, pass-along image of our Savior, hand extended like my Taco Bell friend extending that cheese quesadilla to me. I think it's really great they post that image.


Tara said...

you're crazy (i said that in a "i love you" sort of way). i love your spy camera btw. i think i need to do that! you are such a writer, i love reading your stuff. can't WAIT to talk to you... got your message ;)

Iggy Bloggit said...

that poor hairdresser. you can see her pained expression even through the fuzziness of the picture.

i got so many Asian mullet cuts in Thailand... they just don't know how to cut it any other way. despite my pleading and specific instructions i always ended up with hair that was sectioned like leaf drops. i felt like i was anime. it would have been cool except i have ratty Caucasian hair instead of perfect Asian hair.

so glad you posted pics from that hike!

modestmuse said...

If I'm crazy, I don't want to be sane lol! :D Tara, you totally need to carry your camera around so we can see a day in your life. You are such a great photographer! Love the new pics of your neices & nephew btw.

modestmuse said...

I'm jealous of your Asian mullets, iggy! And who has ratty Caucasian hair, Miss Glowing locks?? I don't get how that style got so big in Asia though? Hmmm I wonder if they ponder the same thing about the Jennifer Aniston cut of a few years ago over here. What's the trendy hairstyle now? I'm so out of touch when it comes to hair-style.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

you are so sneaky in so many ways! thanks for letting us in on the intimate little hike and the intimate little mullet sighting. i must get myself a spy camera. soon.

Tara said...

hey, i want some more rare photo evidence please...maybe then it won't be so rare! hee hee

mel said...

your a natural blogger now :) we need to hang out now that i'm back. I leave in 2 weeks so call me!!! (ps. mullets, YUCk).