Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Third attempt

This is my third attempt at a post tonight. This is why blogs are not an entirely accurate representation of an individual's thoughts. I think it best, for both of us, that I keep what's really on my mind relegated to my mind.

Nomadic Gnome often makes lists on her blog, and I love list-making so I'll try it here, too.

Mostly I'm anxious about
1) Being a lame wife who doesn't bake or delight in making crafts
2) Not getting everything done I need to in the next 5 weeks as far as wedding planning goes
3) Having a lame wedding open house
4) Making invitations and mailing them in the next week
5) Not being good with kids
6) Moving into a new ward, where I have to introduce myself as someone's wife; teach adults over 30 or children under 18; and act like a "real" adult in a "family ward"
7) Moving, which involves a) sorting through stuff and downsizing my posessions, b) cleaning my place top to bottom

I don't know why I can't find a cool white dress or skirt to wear to my open house. Yes, I don't even have invitations out, and I am mostly concerned about what I'm going to wear. Priorities.


mel said...

Megan! A) if you at like some lame adult I will personally come and slap you. I predict you will learn be put into YW where they will absolutely adore you! As for the kids thing, well i do too but I hear its ok when they are yours. so...one of those faith things lol. If you need help let me know, i better get an invitation...and when are you getting together?! call me!!!

nomadic gnome said...

1. I didn't realize I made so many lists.
2. That is why I love you - more concerned with what to wear than planning. That will all fall into place, right? But only you can buy your clothes! (Or Neil, I guess)
3. Love you mucho.

Tara said...

i hate moving into new wards, i hear you on that one. i am scared for the very same reasons as you are. we are in a family ward and we are the youngest couple there. i must say, congrats on the new job!!! just like your job, everything will fall into place for your wedding! have faith! easier said then done i know.

AJ said...

Megan, I am sorry. All those things totally suck and I totally went through them too! I am sure things will work out and turn out awesome. I got the dress today. Thank you for the check and sending it back .Good luck with everything.

modestmuse said...

You guys are all great and I love you, too. Melinda, remember how we were in YW? Or at least Merrie Miss?? If only I could be a Sister Sweeney ... :) Julie, you'd better get your gloves and petticoat ready, cuz it's tea time. TARA we need to talk! So many amazing things happening in your life! Aj, I saw that Nicole is your sis-in-law (and new mother - congrats!) on your blog. Funny, I knew her and met Micah, and knew you had a bro named Micah, and never put it all together. Funny blogging!

Mejkin said...

how are you supposed to be excited about inviting folks to the open house until you have the perfect confection of soft whiteness to look forward to wearing? totally understandable.

hope all is going well! let me know if you need any help--i'm free most days.