Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Trophy Husband? Check.

At the risk of embarrassing my sweet and extremely self-effacing husband, my new favorite photo:
Hello, Adonis! Apparently, he is the god of spray-on sunscreen. Fitting.

And here is a flattering one of me. I love it! I'm whispering sweet nothings to Oxford. He's so cute, it makes me want to be a raw foodist like my hott husband.
(Note my pink fingernails, a result of our tea party/girls' night the night before.)

Thanks for the photos, Leslie! And thanks, cousins-in-law, for hosting us at your lovely lake and farm.


Moni said...

How are you?! I need the update when did you get married?> where are you!? ahhh

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

what a dream couple- seriously :)

modestmuse said...

Thanks! I like to think so.

Monique -- I posted to your blog. Glad you're doing well!

Iggy Bloggit said...

megan i am honored that you like the pics!

just to be mean you can give taralyn copies to put on her "couples" wall. what, taralyn are these works of art not "cutesy" enough? hahahah

Taralyn said...

You know I LOVE Cutesy! Bring it on baby. In 8X10! Haha. I loved having you over. It was so much fun!