Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Long Weekend

I can definitely get used to federal holidays.

I've mostly worked jobs where most gov't holidays are either not observed, or I have to work some of them. So this three-day weekend was welcome.

We went to Assateague Island (Maryland), known for its freely roaming wild ponies, to camp on Saturday. We brought a friend with us and met up with a group of friends. We came back Sunday and had dinner with new friends, which was a lot of fun.

We went down to Lake Anna yesterday for a b-day par-tay. We hung out at the lake and cooked out with family for dinner.

I ate copious amounts of my favorite food, S'MORES!!!!

It was a glorious weekend; the weather went above and beyond cooperating.

Here are some pictures from Assateague:

The sunset on Saturday was completely awesome. The change in colors from one minute to the next was incredible.

Looking toward the beach, the moon was coming up.

I think Erin's portrait turned out so great! I never fully grasped (and still don't) the idea of "natural light photography," but the examples I've seen are beautiful. The light from the setting sun was changing every minute, and it created the coolest, most rapidly changing environment.

V .5
V 1.0


Breakfast time

"Sure, we always kick around a soccer ball with ponies in the stands" (look closely).

Close-up of those ponies. The mama had such cool coloring!

Ponies just strolled through the campsite at their leisure. Also pictured is our new tent! I didn't think I would like camping that much, but now I hope there will be opportunities to drive out and camp in Argentina.

Straight out from our campsite. The sound of waves crashing totally reminded me of my days in the Quiet House. So soothing!

The beach, looking left.

The beach, looking right.

Some of our fellow campers enjoying the surf.
I enjoyed it from here, thank you very much.

A good beach read. Actually, I'd told our camping guest about this book I'd read as a child about Assateague Island, and he bought it for me as a gift!


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

my goodness- how relaxing and picture perfect! that mama horse did have gorgeous coloring.

diana palmer said...

oh my gosh, ponies? roaming freely? am i dreaming? myra would go nuts! why haven't i heard of this magical place? i LOVE those pictures, its so good to see you! i felt such a twang of, "ahhhhh megannnnn..."

diana palmer said...

and thanks for the shout out!

mj said...

aw so sad we couldn't go. i love that place (when it is sans mosquitoes). of course, it'd probably be hard to top last year's trip there for me since we got engaged. really excellent photos.

modestmuse said...

Well, it's no Hawaii, but it'll do! Now you know a good spot if you ever come out this way.

Yes, you must bring Myra here one day. Even big little girls (me!) love it! Glad you enjoyed the pics -- I know I enjoy yours!

All the bugs had gone away already, so it was great weather without the bugs. I didn't realize that's where you got engaged! What a beautiful place for such a special memory. And thanks for complimenting my glorified point and shoot work :D

Z. Marie said...

Hi! I meant to leave a comment on your blog, too, after I came across it the other day. Especially since you reminded me I've never been to see the wild ponies (but did read the books when I was little).
I did a Dow Jones internship at the Sioux Falls Argus Leader in 1994 and then worked at the Tennessean in Nashville from 1995 to 1997. So yes, I have worked for some Gannett papers. Then I went to the Arizona Republic (which was bought by Gannett after I left), the Houston Chronicle and the Rocky Mountain News.
Did you know Bev Winston when you were at GNS. She and her partner, Karen Small, were in Nashville the same time I was there.
You'll have a lot of fun in Argentina. I wish we were there ... although I can't really complain since we get to go to Italy next.
Feel free to e-mail me at newswarrior@yahoo.com.

rachel said...

what a dream come true. ponies roaming freely. thank you for your comments. i like that in one of them that i didn't even have to ask you if I could come stay with you in a different country, you just automatically invited me. you're amazing... my mom works for delta, so sometime I'll be coming, probably...okay? now, will you just ask stephanie or anna if I can sleep on their floor in january. i've been embarrassed to ask, since they have babies in and out of their tummys. maybe you should ask diana if I can sleep at her house in boise too. just kidding about boise.

rachel said...

p.s. i love smores too!!!!

nomadic gnome said...

i've always wanted to go here! looks so fun and relaxing. :)
oh and btw i'll mention to mark about the biofuels thing. funny neil calls him TH. tell neil hi for me!

MoninPaul said...

TAGG your it.. read my blog i was bored at work

modestmuse said...

Zoe, good "talking" to you off blogger.

Rachel, you are def welcome to visit!

NG, Neil says hi back. Hopefully the four of us can get together -- we should come up to NYC and visit Neil's people, too.

Moni, thanks for the tag! I will post my response soooon.

micah and nic said...

I totally loved that book as a kid! SO jealous...