Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

FEBRUARY 12 Neil and I celebrated our 1-year wedding anniversary over the President's Day/Valentine's Day long weekend by getting away, in the very Argentine tradition, to an "estancia." Estancias are huge estates built in the 19th and 20th centuries by wealthy Argentines who came from Europe and brought the architecture and estate lifestyle with them. Think "Pride and Prejudice."

Estancia Villa Maria was sooooo awesome, I never wanted to leave. Except they had so much amazing food -- too much -- I was too full to eat, but it tasted so good, I couldn't say no. It was getting out of control, so good thing we had to leave.

We saw the Buenos Aires temple on the way there, about 40 min. from our house!
Inside the estancia gates, the drive is lined with eucalyptus trees and the scent is amazing.
Approaching the back of the main house where we stayed.
Our room. Neil sitting for his portrait.
Bidet, anyone? No, I didn't try it.
We tried mate for the first time. Pretty good with LOTS of sugar.
The hall outside our room.
The main doors at the front of the house.The guest house and estate dog.
The amazing dinner we had our last night. Each meal was 3 or 4 courses; this was the second "appetizer." SOOooooo good.
The asado, where they cook the barbecue-style meats. Our first lunch there, they used the little black metal boxes you see in there to serve a variety of barbecued meats at the table. I ate blood sausage and intestine. I don't want to talk about it.
The stables!!!! We went on two horseback rides while we were there, escorted by a gaucho.
Fantasma and Clarita. The horses, not us. Although Neil and his horse were both white with the same color freckles.Riding the horses was my favorite part of the trip. That, and the food.
Hey guys, wait for me. Somehow I couldn't get my horse to run. I think it knew who was in control.
Bye, horsies! Thanks!!
The gaucho chased them back to pasture.


Bille said...

Um, that looks like an amazing little vacation. Were there many other people there? It looks like you had the place all to yourself. Happy one year!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

your! life! is! so! cool!!!!! seriously.

i cant believe that just one year ago me and amby and linda were in virginia for your wedding- that's crazy. happy one year from us as well!

Craig said...

Happy Anniversary! Holy Moly - that place is awesome. I want it :) Sometimes I like to pretend I'm part of the whole Jane Austen era.... then I realize I'm not classy enough for it and couldn't handle taking so much time to dress for dinner. :)

Craig said...

Craig was somehow logged in on my computer... this is actually Taralyn. I should've just kept it as him...there would be questions though :)

modestmuse said...

Bille, there were a few other people over the weekend, but Monday was a holiday for us and not the Argentines, so we were the only ones that day. It was fun. Thanks for the happy wishes!

Thanks, Stephanie. No matter what, it's not hanging with a precious baby boy and one to come in Hawaii! I'm glad you made it to our wedding. Very dear memory.

Craig, it's OK you can admit it ;) Taralyn, that's funny. Yeah, I realize I couldn't handle eating that often, whew!

rachel said...

I love the hallway. this place is sooooooo amazing. I'm so happy for your new life.

Lincs and Ali said...

seriously. this is the Argentina I never knew. AMAZING!