Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The volcano was mesmerizing, like an enormous campfire. The red-hot lava was flowing straight from the earth out of a cliff, pouring directly into the ocean. It was amazing. The waves ebbed and flowed, crashing into the cliff, colliding with the lava and sending steam high up into the night sky in apartment-building-sized billows. Is was totally transfixing.

The clouds changed constantly, and the eerie red glow at night and their sheer size kept playing tricks on my mind; I kept seeing ghoulish, devilish faces! It was so creepy. Do you see the profile of the man's face, looking to the right in the picture above?

How about now?

Anyway, here are a couple other images of the inferno.


rachel said...

whoa! I love this!!! Amazing!

M. said...

what what? I read your marine post on google reader...i go to comment and it's gone! Well, you looked beautiful that night, LOVE the dress.

Chas said...

Too cool! Did they make you keep a big distance?