Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Nov. 17, 2010


Thinking about my buddy. OK, so we're not really twins but I love this girl! We worked together in BsAs and people would confuse us, we always found eerie things in common, and we would coincidentally call or IM each other at the same moment.

I came in to her office one afternoon and as we were talking I realized we were DRESSED ALIKE!!!! So we set the camera on a shelf and recorded the moment. Now she is in Israel, working on saving the world, and I am keeping it real in Botswana.


Future Diplomat said...

Whoa -- that is crazy! As a twin myself, it always makes me chuckle when I see unrelated people who look so much alike!

nomadic gnome said...

meg, i remember seeing on your blog a group for blogs of other State dept people working around the world. can you send me the link, or any info you have? xo