Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I checked in on FMS's blog for this month's Photo a Day prompts.

Today's prompt is "Morning".

We have a beautiful house on one hillside of a little valley, with traditional Swiss farms dotting the facing hillside. The end of the valley opens up to a view of the next town, where a castle stands on a hill above the village. Beyond that is the Swiss Alps.

It truly is breathtaking, and I really should get our "good" camera out sometime to document it. But for now I've just been savoring our beautiful corner of Earth without the pressure of recording it.

Here was the view from my bedroom this morning, looking at the facing hillside of our little valley, the trees individually crystallized after an overnight coating of snow:

Looking left a little further down the valley:

This one was taken Sunday morning, looking out our bedroom window all the way left to the end of the valley. Some cloud cover, and taken with a camera phone, but you get the idea. Swiss Alps:

In the above you can see the buildings in the next town and barely make out the white castle, I'll have to get a better pic one day.

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