Sunday, September 23, 2007

Now, usually I don't do this, but uh ...

So I've started a blog. This thing looks like a mess because I can hardly figure it out. Sad. I have no pictures to post: 1) I don't have any good ones (despite my half-bred good looks, I am quite possibly THE most unphotogenic person on the planet) and 2) I tried to post one and it was HUGE. I'll have to figure the formatting thing out.

I am a fairly private person and I have never been inclined to post myself to the WWW. Mostly because I am paranoid. Also, I think this thing is weird and not an authentic version of me at all. Plus I have nothing clever to say. So the Half-Breed Outlaw online version was born mostly out of boredom. Or was it conceived? I don't like the reproductive analogies, so let's just say I decided to start a blog for something else to do. Plus I like to look at your blogs, so it's only fair.

What I've been thinking about a lot today is this: In The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (watched it last night) how come Nila, or whatever the girl's name is, has an Australian accent? She said her mum, who died when Nila was 10, was from Australia -- but Nila was born and grew up in Japan. Also, how come the serene dude who was always eating shrimp chips was apparently from Japan but had hardly any accent, but escaped to "his Mexico" -- Japan -- apparently from the U.S.? And how come DK's nickname was DK (Drift King), and not some Japanese acronym? These things just do not add up. Then again, maybe it's me. I don't think I "get" movies a lot of the time because I am so visually overwhelmed I don't listen to the dialog. I discovered this a few months ago while watching Pride and Prejudice (the Keira Knightley version) for the fourth time; it took on a WHOLE nother meaning when I put the subtitles on and read what they were actually saying.


Iggy Bloggit said...

i'm the first person to comment! woot woot! represent!

hmm, i have never seen tokyo drift. but maybe from these plot conflicts we can infer that the director and/or writer were attempting to portray a united One World where boundaries and racial lines are trumped by more important things, like being fast and furious and eating salty bagged seafood snacks?

i can tell i'm going to like your blog.

mel said...

wait wait, there are English subtitles to a British movie?! ridiculous. But now I am uber curious!!! Welcome to the blogger world, as I said, just the randomness of life, it makes you keep your eyes open. :) happy "birthday" haaaa. know what would be blogging info? YOUR PREPARATION TO COME TO THAILAND WITH ME!

mel said...

ps. never saw Tokyo Drift... but i'm guessing they are hoping dont think that hard about it... because they didn't want to think that hard :) good first blog!