Wednesday, February 20, 2008

PURA VIDA: We're back y somos casados!

My Spanish is a little rusty, but we're back and we're married! Neil and I celebrated our 1 week anniversary yesterday and returned from Costa Rica today. We have had so much fun!! The wedding was awesome and beautiful and perfect. I have only seen a few pictures and I am so excited to get the ones from Neil's cousin, our wedding photographer. The tea party and open house were really fun and I am just so happy to have had so many people we love share in this event.

I am so grateful to all of our friends and family who worked so hard to make everything perfect. Oscar acceptance speech, I know, but I really can't express how wonderful, helpful and supportive everyone was.

If you have someone you love spending time with, I highly recommend marrying them!! Hanging out with Neil 24/7 has seriously been the most fun I've had in my life. Maybe this is why they call any timespan of euphoria before reality sets in the "honeymoon period," eh? But I think things will be cool down the road as well.

Poor Neil is sick right now, though. All the traveling got to him and he is feeling feverish and achy. He went to sleep early and I am unpacking boxes since I didn't finish moving in before we went to Costa Rica. I am not sure what to do to take care of him! He says he is fine, he just needs to sleep. I forced him to drink a lot of water earlier. My first test as a wife, I think. Hopefully he will be fine.

Costa Rica was really cool. It felt like a mix of places I've been: Mexico, Hawaii, the Bahamas. And something I can't quite put my finger on, too. It was cool speaking Spanish; like I said, I'm rusty. The food was good and the weather was beautiful. I saw a sloth! I will add pics to this post later, I hope. I think sloths are adorable. Neil thought it was disgusting. Apparently there were beetle/cockroach-like bugs crawling in and out of its fur. All I saw were flies landing on it, which wasn't that gross, but Neil saw the other bugs, so he was repulsed. I've always thought sloths were so cute so I'm glad I didn't see the bugs. I'm not really into monkeys, though, so it was OK we didn't see any. We did see a lot of cool, colorful birds and butterflies. There were tons of streams, rivers and waterfalls, too; way more than in Hawaii. The variety of flowers in Costa Rica is impressive, and there were so many beautiful, lush, jungle areas. We stayed in these really awesome beach bungalows that were surrounded by jungle and flowers. I love nature sounds, so it was cool to hear the bugs and frogs at night.

It was a really great trip and a great, relaxing start to our life together!

p.s. We saw HULK HOGAN in the Miami airport today!! I had a crush on him when I was 5, so I got a little starry-eyed. Neil almost had to take the Hulkster out to assert his superiority!


mel said...

welcome back!...and you are so funny. Hulk HOgan?! haaa! Can't wait to see your wedding photos :)

Tara said...

yea! i am so glad everything went well and that you are happy and settling in!!! getting married is the best isn't it! my favorite part was the honeymoon and coming home to "our" home!

nomadic gnome said...

Yay! Welcome home senora!
So happy for you guys and I'm sorry I missed the festivities! Hope Neil feels better - I'm sure you will take good care of him, you wifey.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

hooray for the waltons! i would love to chat with you sometime about everything, but i'll let you get settled first. i have some random photos on my page from the luncheon by the way. i cant remember if i already told you...

Lacey said...

Chas and I knew we were missing out on cool things but this is over the top. more fun until we get back. We wish we could have been there and that we were there now to share in the honeymoon stage with you. One insight to the Walton/Clawson family is that the said stage seems to never end. Costa Rica sounds amazing can't wait to see the honeymoon the dress and the whole shabang.

modestmuse said...
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Stephanie J. Robertson said...

megol- i cant call you that anymore- how about megwalt.

i emailed you spencer's info per your request. enjoy! :)

modestmuse said...

Thank you, thank you! Megwalt is cool. Or megawalt. Like megawatt. Maybe that's trying too hard. Also, any ideas on a new gmail address? Every permutation of Megan and Walton are taken. How many of us are out there??! I've thrown the middle initial C in there but I don't like the "Cwalton" surname it suggests.

modestmuse said...

Re-posted from February 24, 2008 8:25 PM

Mel- thanks, it's good to be back. And you can't deny the enigmatic draw of the Hulkster. I will have to get some wedding photos together. I have zero! Anyone?

Tara- yes, getting married IS the best! I love "our" little place, too. We just set up Neil's beloved shelves, so now he feels more at home :)

Gnome- I MISSED YOU so much at our festivities! We must see you soon. I want to see your new place. You should have a housewarming party! I'm sure your place is more ready for one than ours (boxes everywhere)

Stephanie- Settling in is a longer process than I thought. A major step would be to officially change my name, but I haven't done it yet and I'm confused about how to do it haha. Sad. So I am perhaps illegitimately/prematurely/flagrantly calling myself [edited]. Saw and love the pics, thanks. They are seriously the only 2 I have seen of the whole day. More, please!

LACEY- Wow, we REALLY missed you and Chas! I look forward to your return and I hope you'll stay in this area. We would definitely have a crazy time. Maybe not as crazy as Korea. Well, a different kind of crazy. I am excited to get caught up on your blog! Awesome pics!! You two are so photogenic.