Tuesday, February 5, 2008


OK, sorry Stephanie and anyone else hoping I will bury this nonsense with a more interesting and normal post :)

Taralyn, thanks for the heads up on the gov't trying to hide the truth!! OK, this is really interesting to me, especially as a working journalist, that the article I linked previously is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND on the Washington Post Web site -- in fact, a search only brings up lame Post blog entries about the event. HOWEVER, it does bring up a follow-up article that is QUITE intriguing!!


The military changed their story about the UFO sightings! They initially said none of their aircraft was in the area of the sightings, and now they are saying, "Oh, yeah, OH, you mean THOSE F-16s! Silly us, we WERE flying them, that's probably what you saw, not UFOs!" Um, maybe it's just me, but I think the Air Force probably keeps SOME sort of record of where they are operating multi-million dollar aircraft. I don't think they somehow "just realized" they were flying them in the area. I think they are lying!!!!!

And yes, I'm crazy.

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