Sunday, April 27, 2008

What's up? Nothing

Don't you love these two-toned leather pants? I found them at Goodwill but I don't have occasions to wear such vintage '80s finery so I had to capture the dressing room mirror-reflected moment on the trusty cameraphone. Are you getting sick of my crappy cell-phone pictures?

Nothing exciting is happening in my life right now.

I think I'm in one of those overwhelmed stages. It's been raining off and on. Yesterday I was sunbathing at Lake Anna and today I am wearing a sweater. Ah, spring.

Last night we went to a DC Divas football game -- all women, full-contact fb.
They are for real. This was Neil's dream come true; he's been wanting to go for years. That and the Mystics, the DC women's pro basketball team. Don't ask.

George, a kid Neil mentors, came along.
The Divas beat the Baltimore Nighthawks into the ground, 35-6, if you were wondering. Would you expect less from a diva with a capital D?

We found a very large piece of pizza in Adams Morgan. It was as big as both of us, and despite the impression given below, I single-handedly ate it, crust and all.
And that's about as exciting as my life gets right now.


mel said...

that pizza is HUGE!!! I want to go there! That game looks pretty hilarious too.

modestmuse said...

Crazy, huh? Pizza Boli's, beside Tryst.
If we go to another game, you should come with some friends -- it's def the kind of thing a group would have fun at -- if only for the danceable hip-hop they play during timeouts, and the halftime step show and drumline!!

Iggy Bloggit said...

you kids. i love you.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

thats pretty dang exciting if you ask me! i want that pizza. now.

Ti and Liz said...

wait, this day sounded most excellent! the food, the fun, the sport. no fair, we don't have fat pizzas with phat (does that word still exist?) chicks here in laie.
keep on girlfriend!

corbin said...

The one pair of leather pants I own your generous hubster bought me. I think of him every time I wear them, which is kind of creepy because I only wear them when I'm feeling depressed, at home, alone, usually half nekid and eating out of a giant tub of nacho cheese. But that always does the trick to cheer me right up. Long live die toten hosen.

Tara said...

that's amazing that you ate that. looks good. and i think it would be fun to go vintage shopping with you.

modestmuse said...

Leslie -- we love you, too.

Stephanie and Liz -- I want that pizza. Again. Glad my life entertains. Guess what?! I got July 2-8 off, and I have my ticket, so it looks like I for sure am coming to see you two!! We'll see if NY-style slices can withstand a 10-hr. flight. Maybe not.

Corbin, you worry me. Neil has some leather pants, too. I'm starting to get a picture as to why. Speaking of pics, he showed me a photo session you two did involving a silver cowboy hat and an American flag. Hmmmmm.

Thanks Tara, we never did hit up my vintage treasure trove in HI, did we? Are you going to be in UT forever? I want to come visit sometime and we can shop and I can play with your BABY by then!! :)

Taralyn said...

Is it just the pic or do those lovely pants reach your chest. You gotta love the 80's. Glad to say the only pics I have from then are of me sporting the side pony with the short skirt combo with bright blue designs. The 90's... that's a different story. I have one that is purely classic, laser background, huge classes, side pony, and..... the paisley button up shirt. Not only that, but it's a magnet still on my mother's fridge. YIKES.

modestmuse said...

The pants definitely reach my chest. They cinched with a belt and then flared out above that, like the top of a twist-tied baggie. I totally know what magnet/photo you're talking about. I marvel at it every time I'm over there -- it does NOT look like you. My mom has one of those on her fridge, too, (of me, not you) from when I was in 5th grade and had David Letterman's teeth.