Saturday, May 3, 2008

Top Secret

Wow, my life just got a tad more exciting. I'm in the middle of a top-secret security clearance investigation. It's totally routine, but it still is a little nerve-wracking for some reason.

My first clue that they were doing this was when my old roommate in IA said an investigator was going to call back in 30 min. to ask about me. Then I got a voice mail from my former landlord in HI, saying some nice young man came to their house to ask them about me. My longest existing friend (how do you say that -- we've been friends for 18 yrs.?) in GA is meeting an investigator on Mon.


I had to meet with an investigator here the other night. He mentioned my former employment at an accounting firm, which was eerie, since I hadn't told him I worked there -- just weird to meet someone who already knows all this stuff about you.

Who knows, maybe they're investigating my blog and wondering if they can clear a self-proclaimed Outlaw.


mel said...

yeah!! so exciting!! :) ps. when are we going to get t/g?! and you have to help me with this path. lol.

Tevita and Liz said...

about this post: better you than me. i had some crazy room mates in my day. plus, do they check out ex's?? ewww! so so glad i'm not the one investigated!

also, just read your response a couple of post ago. you're coming to LAIE!! yeah! i'm trying and trying and trying to run so need some fun tips from you. eg. blister prevention? oh, and chaffing! so gross but such a reality since i'm running longer distances!! ewwww again!

Taralyn said...

what's this all about anyway? I'd be a little suspicious :)

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

seriously serious stuff

mj said...

holy smokes. i am totally in the middle of one of these, too! just yesterday my investigator guy called and told me he needs ten more contacts from me. i'm thinking, don't you already know this stuff? i mean where are the hidden microphones, anyway?

modestmuse said...

Melinda -- we just had a chit chat on the phone.

Liz -- I have no idea, but I'm quite curious as to who in my "past" they talked to. Lucky for me, my HI-era "ex" is unreachable, somewhere in Brazil, I think :) And yes, I am SO excited to come visit. As far as running, good for you! I need to get my butt in gear, too. Re: chafing -- one word: BodyGlide.

Taralyn -- I would be suspicious except I got myself into this. Nearly a year from when I applied it looks the Foreign Service of the State Dept. is trying to convince me to leave my current job I love. Just when I thought all the big decisions were over.

Stephanie -- seriously.

Melissa -- what are you applying to?! Very interesting, I def only gave them a few contacts. I think they "found" others. Dunno. Maybe they're super-suspicious of you. You do walk around with that far-away look, like you're plotting something ;)