Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What just happened?

It seems like 1,000,000 crazy things just happened, which would have made for good blogging material all along, but have instead drawn me away from my blog. But here I am.

Most recently, and most frightening, Neil and I got a calling last week! I was at first afraid they were going to ask us to speak in Sacrament, which would be TERRIFYING, as I have a very scary ward. But instead, they asked us to "teach" nursery!!!!! I can't think of a more perfect calling for Neil or a more ill-fitting one for me. Neil is stoked and I -- well, I laughed out loud when the guy asked us. Not an hour earlier, Rosemay asked me to hold her adorable and good baby, Josiah, while she led the music. This was 2 min. I figured I could handle. Nope, sensing my fear, he started screaming about 1 min. into me holding him. It's not so much that I don't like kids, it's that they reeeeaaaalllly don't like me. I guess callings are for us to learn and grow from. I am really terrified to be stuck with a bunch of babies for 2 HOURS; fortunately it's every other Sunday. I figure this will either make me really want to have one or ... not.

In other news, I made a very difficult choice and decided to accept the relative unknown in a job with (edited) and told my boss at my dream job that I will be leaving. Am I crazy? But, it's a best-case scenario -- she says I can stay as long as I'd like, until I actually start training. And since it's been exactly 1 yr. since I applied for the job in the first place, I am thinking it may be awhile until I actually start with them. So everything is cool there. Except when I think of the fact that I will spend the rest of my career living outside of the U.S., which is exciting but also makes me a little sad.

I have actually used the camera mentioned in my previous post, most recently last weekend when a friend and I went to tour rich people's fabulous horse stables in Middleburg, Va. Unfortunately, the batteries weren't charged. A few weeks before that, Neil surprised me with tickets (a 3 mo. anniv./Mother's Day present) to a polo match in Leesburg!! It was my first time using the camera and it was fun. While in Leesburg, we visited Mary on her farm where I used to live.
When we got to Mary's, she was about to go for one of her daily walks, so we went along. Her dog, Friday, and Mitch (a woman, ironically) went with us.
Mary's property is really beautiful, and very much like how this overdeveloped area of Va. "used" to be.
I love the fields. This is a very "Virginia" scene to me, very home.
Mary has used part of the property for a conservation easement and planted a pine forest. One of the first times Neil came over, it was snowing lightly and we went for a walk through the forest. Muy romantico!
The aptly named pool house where I used to live. Mary still swims laps in it. I'm lucky if I can make it down and halfway back once.
Mary is an incredible lady. She has had an awesome life -- she was born in Shanghai to British parents. Her father was a diplomat. She had to leave China during the war, and moved to Africa to work, where she met her husband, whose family lived in Leesburg. She has done tons of amazing things, and has the best stories, made better because she still has a British accent. It was very nice living in her pool house and I miss not seeing her more often!

America's Polo Cup featured Italy vs. USAZoom out.

Zoom in.
Zoom way in.
They have a cute tradition during "halftime" of stomping the divots. Everybody went out to stomp. Well, I took pictures, but Neil is in the middle there, looking for divots.

Sorry, Italy -- USA won!


Ryan said...

Hey Megan email me:

Taralyn said...

So I'm sorry that I cursed you with nursery. Remember our conversation :) Hopefully you're a more faithful and positive person and will take the positive out of it. I didn't quite succeed, but I have faith you and Neil will :)

modestmuse said...

Ryan -- done.

Hmm, Taralyn, so it's all YOUR fault! :) The Bishop's counselor said it's "fun," but you and Rosemay seem to imply the opposite. Who do you expect me to believe? No, seriously?

mel said...

haaa. I feel the same way- Children sense fear! I better marry a guy who LOVES our kids b/c well... aaaah! Polo match aye? Hope you didnt pull a "Pretty Woman" on them!!

mj said...

wow. you made a big decision and then just glossed right over it like it was no big deal. i'm sure if you have the coruage to sign on with the foreign service you'll be able to handle nursery (yeah i'd be scared too).