Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I wish I had a colorful picture here. I got nothing. OH, wait -- I just found an old pic that won't delete from my camera:
Always a bit weird to see that photo session (Dec. 2005) mixed in with whatever current pics I upload. Check out the 'do!

I still need to post the before and after photos of my most recent haircut. Here's the before, from a couple months a go -- a heavily bobby pinned, mullet-ish pseudo-Japanese rocker (wannabe) look:
The "Forces Combined" pic over there on the right is this same 'do, down in the front, still in a pony in the back.

The after: Like I said, need a good photo. But people have said it looks Rihanna/Posh Spice-ish. It does a faux-hawk (when I style it) up the back, and then the left side is short until it gets to my temple, where it's long and I tuck it behind my ear. The whole right side is long and A-line, longer toward the front. It's supposed to be rocker-looking. Except it's always a bit of a challenge, as the hair wants to defy gravity and requires much flat-ironing.

What else? The security clearance is complete, but no word yet from State. Think maybe I should call them. Would love to stay at the current job. Right? I am hearing all sorts of opinions from others. Now would be a good time to pray about it. And pay my tithing! I've been reviewing my Patriarchal Blessing. Interesting. And now there's the whole dynamic of what's in the best interest of my "family" (my husband and me!) and hearkening to his counsel.

Decisions, decisions.


mel said...

you can do it!!! Follow your heart, not what you convince yourself of... but that deep down- good feeling. lol. otherwise known as the Spirit ;)

modestmuse said...

Aw, thanks for being my cheerleader!