Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Best Six Months

The past six months have been the best of my entire life. I love and admire a man who is perfect for me and who loves and admires me in return. We have so much fun and we're never bored when we're together. I feel unbelievably lucky and incredibly blessed.

I don't have a lot to work with here, so forgive the ol' cameraphone pics.

Neil's cousin Julie took this one after a night out when we were dating last spring.

Neil's former roommate, Clayton, took this one at a bullfight in Mexico City last summer. This sits on my desk at work -- well, this is a (crappy quality) picture of the picture.

These and a sweet note were waiting for me at work today!


Lincs and Ali said...

So cute!!

mel said...

wow, it's really been 6 months?! crazy!!! Time flies aye?..

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

happy six months!

modestmuse said...

Thanks ... it has and it does ... and thanks!

Taralyn said...

you've married a romantic :) He's kept us fooled all this time.

modestmuse said...

Lucky me!