Sunday, August 24, 2008

Let The Bandwagon Pass Me By

I've been thinking about how I avoid bandwagons. Not all of them, just selected ones. The first time I remember doing this was when I was eight and my whole family got really into playing Tetris. Something about the fact that everyone liked it turned me off, so I avoided playing it.

Everyone's been talking about these vampire books, which sound weird to me, but people whose opinions I trust are saying they're really good.

The problem is, they're saying they're really REALLY good, I CAN'T stop reading them, I can't WAIT for the movie!! I started a club! We ALL read them within 24 hours!!! YOU should read them, YOU'LL LOVE IT AHHH gagaga I'M IN LOVE WITH EDWARD!!!!

Creepy stuff like that, that's so enthusiastic it's off-putting.

So that's one bandwagon I'm avoiding. This isn't the first time I've avoided something because it got SO popular it went past the point of drawing me in and instead deterred me.

A short list:

I've never read any of the "Harry Potter" books
I've never seen the "Star Wars" movies, old or new
I've never played Solitaire
I've never seen "Lost"
I've never worn gaucho pants
I've never read the Book of Mormon (JUST kidding)
I've never seen "American Idol"
I've never tried (?) Sudoku

That's all I can think of for now. Obsessive, no?

Maybe being carried away by vampires to a high school fantasy land could improve my life. I guess I'm missing out on some of life's pleasures simply because of my own stubbornness in wanting to rebel against what's insanely popular. It's not at all that I think I'm better for it. I just feel freaked out by some things that are very popular and want to avoid them, if possible.

There is hope that I may come around to a fad once it dies down a bit, just to see what all the fuss was about:

In high school, a friend finally convinced me to watch "Top Gun." In college, my friends got me to finally see "Dirty Dancing."


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

never seen top gun, love edward. ha! :)

mel said...

Well, some bandwagons I avoid all together. Hated Dave Matthews Band, refused to wear Abercrombie. however others I just jump on the caboose...such as HP's a year after ALL of them came out, twilight the day after the last came out, oh and cell phones.

modestmuse said...

Well, I won't say you'll love "Top Gun," but I'm glad you'll always have Edward :) Or should I be worried?

Ditto DMB, non-logo A&F was OK before they went totally scandalous skanky. I couldn't figure out HP for min, thought you were talking about desktop computers. Cell phones,lol! I wanted a pager for a little while in the beginning. Can you imagine that?

Aly said...

On my brothers blog that you went to she wrote a review about those books that I think you would appreciate....AND I THROUGHLY AGREE WITH HER!!! I read all of them. I find myself doing that same thing but different sort of...I had revivals! I hate being emotionally manipulated i.e. Micheal Mclean/Jon Bytheway music/perfomances, EFY, some testimonies, Amway conventions, political conventions, tv-vangelists... I find that I turn off emotional whenI see large group of others following or being "moved" all at the same. I feel like I'm being brain washed, manipulated and taken advantage of.

Tara said...

i know what you mean...sometimes i feel this way, but i obviously give in because i have almost done all the things on your list including reading the vampire books haha! however, i am not freaked out about them. i haven't run out to buy the last book, but i do plan on reading it sometime. love top gun and dirty dancing. great movies...glad you didnt miss those. Lost however, definitely dont care to watch and american idol is fun, but im not crazy about it either. i guess i jump on the bandwagons, but not to the extreme as some people. that is what i love about you megan, that you like to be different and not do what everyone else is doing. admirable, i think.

diana palmer said...

on the way out for the marathon, and i just want to say that you are the coolest and i admire you so much, always have.

echo said...

i often find myself feeling similar to how you feel on this subject. but i must admit, i was a sucker for twilight.

Liz said...

i'm so with you. actually your list of "have nots" matches mine! (if i had such a list!). haven't visited for a while and i'm glad i did. loved this and the other posts as well.