Saturday, March 28, 2009

You Know You're Argentine If ...

... You wait a week to have someone fix your modem. OK, I guess that goes for expats, too; either way, I have the internet in my home again. :)

Today I documented a few examples of what it means to be Argentine.

You know you're Argentine if ...

... You drink mate (pronounced MAH-tay). You've built a mate-holder into your dashboard.

... You smoke religiously. Even in the grocery store.

... You love dulce de leche. You put it in everything, even Oreos.

... Your driving puts New Yorkers to shame. My boss put it best when he said, "Where we see lanes, they see a spectrum of opportunities." I will film a taxi ride sometime to show you what I'm talking about. It's insanity.

... You're a flogger. OK, I don't have an illustration of that, but you know you're Argentine if you're all about design and being hip. These pics are from this design fair we went to today.


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

YUM i wanna try those oreos! like right now- send them to me :)

Travelin' Tracy said...

Um, if you smoke everywhere you could also be a Kosovar...even some of my 8th grade students were smokers!

rachel said...

I love those little bootie shoes. How are those oreos? they look delicious. I saw people dancing in a park. I thought of you.

rachel said...

YUM little bootie shoes. send them to me :)

diana palmer said...

dear megan, i haven't commented in so long, and i don't think there is a way to catch up. i just wanted to say i think you are one of the coolest people ever, but what's more amazing is how humble you are about it. yes, i realize this has nothing to do with oreos.

Kelsey said...

Those oreos look delicious. Also, taxis in Korea are equally crazy. I am amazed I have not yet been squashed on my motorcycle. *knocks on wood*

nomadic gnome said...

oh geeeez the mate.

i love all your posts! everything is so beautiful and foreign.

modestmuse said...

The Oreos were OK, you're not missing much though.

Tracy, I saw some girls in school uniforms the other morning -- one had a cigarette, the other a Coke. Breakfast of champions.

I know, those little felt booties were adorable, when you have someone to wear them, I'll send you a pair!! :)

Diana, thanks, you are sweet. No catching up necessary. I think the same things about you.

Kelsey, not sure I know you, but welcome! How's Korea?

NG, your posts are beautiful & foreign to me, too. Even your blog posts that are not actually in another country -- NYC is still like another country to me :)

Kelsey said...

You don't. ;) However, I read a lot of foreign service blogs, which is how I found you. My boyfriend is a former FS-brat, I've considered taking the FSOT myself, and I enjoy the glimpses into other cultures that I get through FS blogs, so...that's why you're on my blogroll/reading list. :)

Korea is...slowly warming up. It's still in the low 30s in the morning, but at least it usually gets up to 50 or so during the day. I am eagerly awaiting the real beginning of spring. In winter, when we had many days of -10 or even as much as -18 weather, I pretty much never left my apartment except to go to work or buy groceries. I live on an island with a beach, and it would be nice to be able to use it again!

Korea as a whole? Interesting. Korea is still a pretty xenophobic country (as a former east asian studies major, I'd argue that it is moreso than Japan at this point), and rural Korea, where I live, is even moreso. It's weird to live in a place where people will actively show their distaste at the fact that you're working in their country. I've gotten spit on, beaten with purses, etc. It's...interesting.

And that's not even going into the fact that us Korea-expats all live next door to Mr. Crazy up north, so...yeah. I've seen about five times as many soldiers this week as I usually do - it's odd being in a country that is currently "mobilized".

Brooke said...

Wow, cool new heading! China is the same with smoking: yuck! We leave TOMORROW for LA!!! Next Wed. for China!