Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Don't Diet; Use a Laxative!"

I'm thinking this is the Argentine womens' motto. From the commercials I've seen, complete with animations, they seem to equate yogurt with miracle laxative powers.

Nobody seems to be pointing to the massive amounts of meat, pasta and vats of dulce de leche they're snarfing.

Although I must say, Argentine women are generally quite thin and body conscious. There is a plethora of workout facilities, exercise classes, Pilates studios, plastic surgeons, etc.

But a couple aisles in the drug store mentioned in the previous post caught my attention.

Tell me we don't have selections like this in the U.S.:




Of course, this could all stem from the traditional desayuno (breakfast) of cafe con leche and/or mate (sort of like herbal tea) and cookies/medialunas/crackers/alfajores/toast/ with dulce de leche.

This is the "breakfast" section at the drug store -- mate, cookies, crackers:

Oh yeah, and don't forget to wax!

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Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i love your posts- i feel curiouser and curiouser (alice in wonderland said it... not positive it's a real word) about this awesome culture!