Friday, July 10, 2009


Tonight I was craving empanadas. I ordered delivery from a place I've never tried before that was offering a promotion of $23.90/dozen (with an exchange rate of U$S 3.80/peso, that works out to about $6.30 USD).

OK, like I can eat that many, gross. But the price was right.

The delivery guy showed up on his little motorbike, face wrapped in a scarf under his helmet. It's winter, as I keep reminding you. Go ahead and gloat in your summertime bliss.

Anyway, I ordered nine different kinds (they offer more than twice that many varieties), and I was wondering how I would tell them apart. Some places make them in different shapes. But this place had the cleverest idea of all: Brand them.

This one is "QA" queso and albahaca (cheese and basil).

This one I just had to try --

"PC" for panceta and ciruela (bacon and PRUNE with cheese). Although the "bacon" was more "ham." Still, an interesting taste combination.

I was to-tally a fat, lazy pig and ate these on the couch. Poor little animals were going nuts.

To my right.

And to my left.


Travelin' Tracy said...

I think we all have those days, except I cannot order a dozen empanadas for my fixation. Lucky you. I would love to make a visit and I know the price is right, but with both of us jobless right now I cannont stomach it. However, if things work out right, we will be moving to the mountains in WV and hopefully we will have the cutest little house and that seems to excite me, because I am not traveling!

mj said...

i love all these updates! and this one made me hungry.

Tara said...

you just made me so freakin hungry!!!

rachel said...

I am so rude. Please forgive me for not replying to your wonderful email yet. It was so helpful and great and you wrote back so quickly. Thank you thank you.

nomadic gnome said...

meg hows the dirty south? is it serious winter there?

AJ said...

i want some right now. mmmm