Sunday, August 2, 2009


I keep meaning to post about this:

On July 4, I was walking down the street and this totally homeless looking, wild-eyed guy was walking toward me, muttering to himself. When he passed me, he looked up at me and exclaimed "ZAH-RAH PAH-LEEN!!!!?!!!" and kept walking. I was like, "what the?" I thought about what he said, and as I often have to do, in my head I translated the phonetic sound to the corresponding Spanish letters to spell out what he said.

The result?

Sarah Palin.

Seriously, what the???? When I got home, I told Neil about this strange encounter. He didn't miss a beat, and looked at me and said, "it's because of your glasses."

I'm too lazy to take a new picture, but these are the glasses I was wearing:

And, in case you needed a visual (this is the ONLY time you will EVER see this woman's mug on my blog):

What do you think? Yeah, me neither.


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

What the??!? Oh man this had me chuckling- too funny!

echo said...

so funny. i agree with steph, 'what the?'

AJ said...

bwa haha haha. that is so hilarious.

M. said...

ha ha ha ha!!! from a side profile... I can kinda see it. ;)