Sunday, October 25, 2009

I've Missed You

Kipahulu, Maui

It's been awhile!

My parents came to Buenos Aires to visit us three days after we got back from our vacation in Hawaii, so it's been a busy month.

We had a great time on vacation. As you may have guessed, we didn't end up going to Samoa as planned. We stayed in the Hawaiian Islands for the whole time, but we just changed our plans a bit and ended up hitting Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii in addition to Oahu. Neither of us had ever been to Maui or the Big Island, so it was pretty cool.

On Maui, we met up with an old college friend and coworker of mine and his wife, and spent a few days with them and on our own hiking, camping and touring around. Neil and I drove the Road to Hana -- 52 miles of hairpin turns crossing over as many one-lane bridges -- which, although not for the faint of heart or easily carsick, was extremely beautiful and worth doing (once).

On the Big Island, we went to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, hiked around, went through an underground lava tube, and at night, we hiked through a lava field where we could see lava glowing at the surface in the distance, and watched the volcano pouring red-hot lava into the ocean -- amazing!!!!

Oahu was of course so much fun because I lived there for a couple years and knew my way around and all the places I wanted to visit and where I wanted to eat. We hung out with my family most of the time and saw old friends, too.

When we got back to BA, having my parents come visit was so nice and we had a great time just relaxing, enjoying the city and each other's company.

Pictures to come!


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

hooray! you're back! thomas and i were just talking about the fact that you havent blogged in a while. good to see you again. :)

M. said...

ooh fun! i still need to get to 1) hawaii 2) BA. not sure which order it will happen in ;)

modestmuse said...

BA first, please! :)

Yes, I am back, hopefully somewhat consistently again.

Travelin' Tracy said...

I've done the road to Hana too...and I agree, once is just enough!

Bille said...

I am a bit jealous you got to see lava. When we went to the Big Island the Lava had stopped flowing after going for over a year!

modestmuse said...

Yeah, the last time Neil and I were both in Hawaii, when we had lunch at your house, we were going to go see the lava and never made it, so we were glad we got to do it this time. Next time for you guys?!