Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Maui and the Big Island

The bottom of Seven Sacred Pools waterfalls and hike on Maui.

The freshwater runs into the ocean here.

On the hike with Jay and Sara. Such fun hanging out with old friends. Later on, Jay took spme pics from here of Neil and I sitting at the top of the waterfall in the background!

This is one of those pics; we are the tiiiinnnyy people sitting on the rock; some dumb kids came up to look over the edge (and ruin our picture; AND totally freak me out that they might fall). They're the ones standing.

The reward at the end of the hike -- the start of the falls!!!!

Everyone needs a sexy pose under a waterfall. Or at least Neil does.

Throwing my PhotoPoly shaka.

We camped with Jay and Sara, and these are pics they took with their camera at night.

Their big truck and tent on the left, our tent and glaring rental on the right. They swung a nightlight around for the effect here. Pretty sweet!

OK, this kid was a BABY -- he couldn't talk, and the lady (his tutu?) fed him from a bottle and burped him, but CHECK HIS HAIR!!!! Whaaat? Even a Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant walking by stopped to coo over him and said, in true Pidgin, "He get plenny hair, yeah?!"

Waikiki, on our way to the Big Island.

On the Big Island of Hawaii, steam vents on the volcano.

I thought the volcano would be like this definite peak, with lava shooting out, but it's really such a huge island and such a gradual slope, there is no "peak" sticking up. It's more like a vast, desolate wasteland of lava field, with craters.

OK, seriously, next post -- hot lava. I just loaded those pics from the other camera, so I will post those next time.

OK, OK, sneak preview:

Cold lava.

Getting warmer.

Getting hot.

Eruptions to come in the next post!


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

Do I know Jay and Sara? AND THAT BABY! oh my gosh!!!! huge. awesome.

haha and sexy neil under the waterfall is awesome- both of you under the waterfall- aren't you supposed to be all pregnant and stuff?! you look great.

modestmuse said...

I worked with Jay at the Iowa State Daily when he was dating Sara. Yeah, the waterfall photos were funny -- this random guy took them with our camera, so I think it was a little awkward for him to take the pic of just Neil haha.

AMY_BELL - said...

Those pictures are awesome! I miss Hawaii :)