Monday, July 5, 2010

July 2 - Independence Day Extravaganza Party

Friday night we had the Emabssy 4th of July party, held at the Ambassador's Residence, for all the VIP and invited guests in Buenos Aires.

The hottest ticket in town, close to 800 people attended; an excellent turnout.

The food was catered by Eat Catering, and it was incredible, I wish I would've gotten pictures. Waiters and waitresses circled the rooms with trays --  beautiful long boards of what looked like flat, dark-colored driftwood -- with a row of hors d'oeuvres on each one: sushi; little dates filled with ricotta (hands-down the crowd favorite); tiny, smoked-salmon "sandwiches"; sun-dried tomato and cheese pastry things; etc. etc.

In one room there was a carving table with a huge leg of something they were slicing and putting on mini rolls; a long table with waiters making artesanal, open-faced sandwiches -- brie, avocado, wild boar, etc. on top.

Later, the "traditional" American food came out -- the waiters began passing delightful little trays of mini hotdogs; tiny cheeseburgers; little red, white or blue paper cones with calamari -- OK, that's getting more Argentine -- as well as "milanesitas," tiny milanesa (chicken-fried steak) sandwiches. OHhh, I could go on and on. And I haven't even started with the desserts. FABULOUS. Everything was beautiful, well-done and incredible.

And don't worry, it was ALL courtesy the generosity of American businesses in Argentina.

The guests were a who's-who of Buenos Aires -- high-ranking government officials, private sector and non profit business leaders, political and media types, representatives from banking and financial institutions, military leaders, diplomats representing other countries, etc. etc. -- and lots of Embassy folks like me to play host. It was a great event, and a lot of fun to meet and mingle with so many people.

 The Marine color guard.

We're so patriotic!

During the singing of the Argentine National Anthem, the guests started to sing along; it was a really beautiful moment.

The Deputy Chief of Mission, second to the Ambassador.

The after party!

 The chandelier from below. Stephanie, this reminds me of your avatar!



the mom said...

Wow - a 4th of July "picnic" and no ants!
It is so fun to know where you were as we were so fortunate to have our tour of the Residence when we were there to visit. It is a fabulous building. You and Neil cleaned up really well, too. How fun to have these experiences. Thanks for sharing them with those of us more humble folks back home.

a mermaid said...

What a gorgeous event and chandelier! You guys look so dashing!!!! How fun- glad you got to have a lovely night out and in such style. And the American food made me laugh. We Americans sure know how to eat... :)

Bfiles said...

Wow, this celebrations sounds and looks utterly fabulous, and it sounds like you got to enjoy, too! thanks for sharing!

Brianna and Byron Putnam said...

that looks amazing! I'm so glad you are having a good time there. You always make me hungry when you post about food.

Rob and Kat said...

you guys are too cool. looks awesome! and that take home bouqet (this year and last) is funny.