Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 3 - Independence Day Embassy Community Party

Saturday afternoon we had a party for the Embassy community at the Ambassador's residence.

It was held in the gardens and tent behind the house.

One of the spouses has professional facepainting skillz which she put to use -- here is one of the Marines, channeling "Two Face." Pretty incredible work!

The house itself was closed during the party, but when Nile got hungry, we were allowed in.

It was quiet and very still inside. Quite a contrast from the huge party the night before. 

We went to one of the sitting rooms off of the main hall, where partygoers had gone to relax and get some air, rest their feet from dancing, and chat more intimately. The staff had obviously not been in yet to straighten the room, and I kind of liked seeing the remnants of a great party.

Pillows strewn on the couch.

Chairs left where they had been scooted or turned to better facilitate conversation.

Crumbs on the table from a fabulous hors d'oeuvre.

Floral bouquets, still fresh.

I love the chandelier, ceiling, and fireplace.

A photo of the Ambassador with Secretary Clinton.

Looking into the main hall. Natural light and quiet; a contrast from usually seeing it in the evening during a well-lit party.

This rug totally blows me away.
It is beautiful and ENORMOUS. If you have checked rug prices even at "cheap" places like Target or Home Depot, they are still out of my price range. I can't even imagine how much something like this -- beautiful, handmade, elaborate, antique and GIGANTIC -- must cost.

I've improved on last year's take-home bouquet -- I personally think I look better and I've got a sweet, adorable baby now, too! :)

p.s. I am standing against the same dining room wall as in the photo linked above from last year -- Neil painted it yellow for me back in Dec. for my birthday!

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