Sunday, November 21, 2010

Speaking of Halloween ...

Now that it's nearly a month after my last post! Whew!!! Things are heating up here -- literally, it's basically summer -- and we just had guests in town for a couple weeks. Then everyone in the fam got sick (I'm still getting over it) and now the pace has picked up as the countdown to saying "chau!" to Argentina has begun!!

(Yes, they say "chau" here, but it's pronounced as it's spelled, or like the Italian "ciao" you're familiar with. Ah, those Argentines, always have to be different :)

Besides the being sick part, we've had a lot of fun the past few weeks, and hopefully I'll make time to post a bit about it -- restaurants, polo matches, famous people, cultural festivals, an estancia, theme park, theatre, etc.

First, before we leave the topic of Halloween until next year, I thought I'd share these hilarious little photos from baby's first Halloween. Nile was a bumblebee ... I don't think she loved it.

"Mommy, why did you dress me in a furry bee costume in the heat of summer?"

"Maybe I should play 'zombie bumblebee' and then try to fly away?"

"If all else fails, suck your thumb and go to your happy place."

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mj said...

ha ha. Adele was not a big fan of dressing up either. I tried about 8 million times to get her to wear the headband for her butterfly costume to no avail. I bet she will love meeting Nile, though. She is a social little animal.