Sunday, January 30, 2011

Neil's Amazing Hair Saga

Since I've known him, Neil has grown his hair out and then cut it short more times than I can count. It's unfair, really: my hair grows unbelievably slowly, while in the same amount of time, his goes through at least two long-to-short cycles.

He cuts his hair himself, which continually impresses me.

The most memorable hair saga was this past year, when he grew it long; then cut bangs; then cut a pageboy; then cut an Argentine mullet (though it was a little more Justin Bieber than the intended Lionel Messi look); then buzzed it.

Here was the process, chronicled during the months of July-August, 2010:


Neil's goal had been to grow it until he could do the "Samurai": the top part pulled back and the rest down.
He also sometimes wore it in a double topknot.



 Then, he cut bangs.


Next, he cut a pageboy (tapered/feathered from the bangs to the ends around the face)

Then, I made him come with me to the salon to get it all chopped -- into an "Argentine Mullet" (a very special, "futbol"-inspired mullet sported by every man and boy in Buenos Aires).

This was on the walk to the salon

Lisandro, my hairstylist, was trusted to do the job.

Lisandro and I are pals, having bonded over my rather frequent "brushings" -- Argentine Spanish for blowout -- followed by "planchita" (flat ironing)

Also, Lisandro is kinda cute. And has nice arms.

Nile and I chilled (see my nice brushing y planchita!) while the mullet was made.

I felt bad since, unbeknownst to Lisandro who is such a great guy, the mullet was a joke ... And he totally took like 45 min. to carefully cut it from every angle.

I love the original parquet floors in the salon.

Ahi va!

Like I said, a little too Bieb-ish, but still amazing

There's definitely a mullet there!

Hair by Lisandro


Of course, soon after he got the Argentine/Bieber Mullet, Neil buzzed his hair himself.

 This photo was taken August 25, 2010

and this is his hair today, January 30, 2010, five months later


It's not fair!

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