Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tango in Barrancas

Oct. 11 and 21

So my photos are housed some on one computer and some on another (blame traveling and living in temporary homes for the past month and a half), so I'm working between two machines and against blog-crastination. Thus the disorganized and back-dated posts; completed and to ensue.

I took so many pictures and so much video when we went on evening walks to the tango gazebo, the glorieta in Barrancas de Belgrano. Much of it I haven't and won't post; I know it's redundant, but it fascinates me.

There was always a lot of tension in going there -- not just in the dance, but between Neil and I. He felt like going for walks was a waste of time. I could (and have, but that's another story) walked for days. He became bored of watching the tango dancers after 2.5 seconds. I could sit there all night, from beginning to end, every night.

Here's one of the videos, Oct. 21. The people are so amazing; a mix of ages and skill level, but mostly really good dancers. Just people who come to the glorieta after a long day to enjoy the atmosphere and the dance. They put their bags in the center for safekeeping.

And here's Nile watching the tango dancers a different night, Oct. 11. She really enjoyed the music and was mesmerized by the dance.

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AMY_BELL - said...

Dang, how come Nile wasn't mesmerized by the tango when I was there? Bummer. Although, I'm happy she is coming around and learning to appreciate the lovely dance.