Thursday, August 23, 2012

Military Exercise - the Wild Side

So to continue from the previous post, the military exercise that we toured had some animal highlights courtesy of the Botswana Defence Force.

A big part of the BDF's job is anti-poaching efforts in remote areas of the country. Soldiers are trained in how to deal with the wild animals they will encounter in the bush. This means they have a collection of wild snakes, hyenas, big cats, and other wildlife for training purposes!

They brought some of them to display for the day.  Including a giant constrictor.


They were using this apparently "tame" snake to drape over anyone's shoulders who wanted a picture with it! No way was I going to do that!!

Later, when they were packing up, they put the snake in a big dog kennel -- with the door open -- and just left it there to chillax. I panicked when I realized that's where it was and Nile was hopping around toward it! If anything would trigger an animal like that, I would think the easy prey of a child would!

This was a "baby" lion. I didn't like the way it was looking at Nile.

But she couldn't have been more excited.

A crocodile.

These guys are apparently highly trained in snake handling. I still didn't want to get too close, this snake was PISSED.


Have lion, will travel.

Nile was worn out by the time we headed home!

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Becky said...

What a cool day. She looks like she's having a blast.