Saturday, August 11, 2012

Since You Asked About the Pool

It seems like everyone wants to know about the pool.


Yes, it was finished. We enjoyed it all last summer, and now here we are in August, nearing the end of winter (Southern Hemisphere, remember?) and I am looking forward to swimming again!

I just fished the tennis ball out of the pool with the net, and you can see Bolu is already pushing it back into the water!

I took these pictures yesterday, Friday, August 10, 2012. We close our offices early every Friday (1:30 p.m.!) but I am rarely able to actually go home at that time. This Friday, I did, and it was so nice.

When I came home, Nile was playing in the yard with her nanny. Our gardener was still hard at work. Nile adores them both. Here she is giving the gardener a minty-scented leaf to smell.


He gave her a banana fresh from the tree in our yard.


Mr. Chips, our faithful and sweet guard dog.


You can see we finally have grass growing in the back yard, thanks to our gardener's tireless efforts!



the mom said...

Pele and Victor are a great additions to your family. Can't imagine how you would be surviving without them. They are terrific!
Miss being there with you, too.

Sara said...

Your home is gorgeous! Nile is getting so big, and she's so cute.