Sunday, April 27, 2014

Back By Popular Demand

Time to fire up the ol' blog, there are big changes afoot!

This web log started when I was single, living in VA. It continued when I got married, moved to Argentina for two years, and had our now-four-year-old daughter, Nile. Some of our next three years in Botswana were chronicled -- but not the birth and delightful infancy of our lovely, now-17-month-old, daughter Pilar. Sorry, baby girl!

Now it is time for the biggest change of all, and I keep being asked if I'll start blogging again, so here goes.

A mere 18 days from today we will relocate to deepest, darkest Western Europe! Switzerland, to be exact! We will begin a new phase of our lives in the lovely (at least in the Google images) Swiss capital of Bern, pronounced "BAY-urn" by those in the know. Consider yourself in the know!

I am not the biggest social media participant, and living in Africa for three years with slow internet and no smartphone didn't make it easy to keep up on this blog or Facebook.

I keep seeing the Facebook hashtag #fmsphotoaday. About five minutes ago I finally got curious enough to look it up. Photo a Day is apparently not just posting a photo every day -- there is a suggested theme for each day; for instance today, Sunday, April 27 the theme is "Under my feet."

The themes are published from Australia on the last Monday of the preceding month, so quite coincidentally when I looked it up, guess what? It's Monday in Australia! I got to see the list of daily themes for May 2014, a very big month for me and my family. And that was the impetus for writing today's blog entry.

On Thursday, May 15, 2014 we board a plane in Phoenix. On Friday, May 16, we touch down in Zurich.

The respective themes for those days are "From Where I Walk" and "Create."

So appropriate, how could I not take this as an invitation to begin blogging again? Our first weeks in Switzerland include the photo a day themes of Sunrise, Neighborhood, Meal, Unique ... I think this will be a fun way to document my first impressions of our new environment!


Anne said...

Welcome back! Congratulations are in order for your new addition as well as your new (awesome) post! Can't wait to see more from you in this space!

Nomads By Nature said...

So glad to have you back! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in your new post! Welcome back!

MachitaMeg said...

So excited to see you're back! Best wishes on your upcoming move.

Megan in Minnesota

modestmuse said...

Thanks, ladies -- for the support and encouragement. It's good to be back!

NBN and MM, how do I see your blogs? Or are they private? Would love to check out what you are up to, too! :)

Nomads By Nature said...

Not private. Just type in Nomads By Nature blog and you'll find us. We are currently posted in Ankara with one more year to go. Has spring hit Switzerland yet? I only got to Bern once and briefly in August several lifetimes ago -- looking forward to comparing my memories with your current observations!

Bfiles said...

I too am so glad to see you back! It was great to run into you at FSI and I was touched that you remembered me! A few days later I saw you w/ your family, and I was like, aw! There's another baby! Many congrats. Good luck in Switzerland!

modestmuse said...

Just found your blog, Nomads -- beautiful dogs and flowers! We get to Switzerland on the 16th and I hope it's already spring-like or warmer already :) Bfiles, it was fun to see you and meet your husband, good luck and I'll be following your adventure in China!