Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easters!

I have (annoyingly -- to myself and, probably, others) found "Nacho Libre" endlessly quotable.

That said, I finally saw a new movie last night. "I Am Legend." Have you seen it? It's very good. I didn't really like the ending, though. At all. But it's good to see a movie that makes you think, even if you think "man, I didn't like how that movie ended."

We went over to our friends' house -- another married couple -- to watch the movie. After dinner with a dating couple. I am thinking it may be true that, after you get married, you find yourselves hanging out more naturally with couples. I don't know. We did hang out with some semi-single folk Fri. night, but everyone paired off at the end of the night.

Nothing too exciting has been going on in my life. I am beating myself up over the fact I haven't done my thank-yous from our wedding yet!!!!! I am a terrible person! I need to do that asap. I was hoping to get some sympathy on beating myself up, and you probably felt sympathetic until I finished the thought with "I haven't done my thank-yous," at which point you probably thought, "You SHOULD beat yourself up! Yes, you ARE a terrible person!!" I know.

Today marks 40 days that we have been married. Crazy. I only know this because when I'm bored, sometimes I look at a link I made:

One thing about me: I like calendars. A lot. Not the pictures. I just like to note the passage of time. The link above used to be a countdown, which was fun. But since Feb. 12 at 10:00 a.m. passed, it turned itself into a ... what's the opposite of a countdown? Whatever counts elapsed time. Cool!

While fact-checking at work, I happened upon this hilarious Jane Austen character dating-game-esque thing:

It features voting for faves from a bio and pic of all the "Men of Austen." For example:

William Collins, from Pride and Prejudice
Age: 25
My job: Rector
My place: Today, Hunsford; tomorrow, Longbourn
My income: Very sufficient, thanks to my patroness, the Right Honorable and Most Gracious Lady Catherine de Bourgh
Favorite things: eating, reading writing, working in my garden
Games and exercises: whist, backgammon, casino, quadrille, walking
Turn-ons: titled society, family connections
Turn-offs: reading novels, anything that displeases Lady Catherine
My friends would call me: stately, formal, grateful, malleable, attentive

I'm not the biggest JA fan, but the bios were funny.

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Stephanie J. Robertson said...

please do not write me a thank you. seriously. :)

also, 00000000000000000 those zeros are from ambrose. ok now on to what i was going to say, also, i agree with hanging out with other couples once you are married and now i tend to gravitate toward others with babies... not necessarily children... not there yet.

strange phenomenon. it is not like it's a planned thing. like, oh great, cant hang out with them anymore. they just dont understand me.

it just happens.