Friday, March 7, 2008

Costa Rica
My only regret is not taking more pictures. We only have a few, and they're not very good, but here is a selection:

Costa Rica's highways are not for the faint of heart.

When you ride the zip wire, you should wear a helmet so if you fall to your death, your head will remain intact.

Fearless Neil.

Ready-to-die Half-Breed Outlaw.

We saw a sloth. They really do move slowly. I think they're so cute!! Check out his shag 'do.

This was a beautiful beach across from where we stayed. Pease take in the scenery, not my hunch-backed, squinty-eyed, cookie-eating self.

Sorry I don't have better pictures. The place we stayed was cool. This is someone else's picture of the bungalow we stayed in:

This place was sweet. I highly recommend it.

What is it about mosquito netting? Neil didn't get how that alone equals instantly romantic. Is it a girl thing?

Time for a haircut
I'm thinking of cutting my hair. I just don't think it's going to grow long and wavy and look like Gisele's. I could be wrong. Maybe I'm giving up too soon. But all the broken-off hair in my brush, on my sink, shirts, pillow, etc. is leading me to believe the ends are betraying the roots.

I'm thinking of getting a Rihanna/Posh Spice/punk bob. Nothing too original, but hopefully more flattering. It's spring -- I've seen 3 types of small flowers in bloom already -- and time for a change in hair.

I want to devote a minute to the idea of ladies having fullness at the crown of the head. You know, that sort of styled-in pouf? I don't know how white folks achieve it -- teasing, backcombing, hair spray? With my hair, I just kind of brush or push the hair up and then it stays that way. But anyway, it seems girls, or at least I, find it to be an absolute necessity, mostly with shorter hair. I admit I don't have my finger totally on the pulse of what's hot in hair styling. But it seems guys don't like the pouf!! Neil doesn't, and two of my guy friends have said they don't like it and don't understand why girls do it. One guy called it the "Utah bump." It's true Mountain and West-coast girls seem to be more high-maintenance when it comes to hair (see UT, AZ, CA) but I think the crown-pouf is universal. I think it looks SO ugly if I leave the crown of my head flat. I mean, I am too embarrassed (and lazy) to even take a picture to illustrate it. Yuck! The flat crown just looks ugly to me and, well, flat. I don't understand how guys can think the opposite. Or am I out of touch?

Another good book
I discovered a new genre of book that I really like! I read a book last night called "Who Is Conrad Hirst?" by Kevin Wignall. It's an espionage thriller, and I couldn't put it down. In fact, I stayed up until 5 a.m. reading it. Silly, because then I slept till 1:00 p.m. Oops. Anyway, I really liked this book, and the spy theme, even though some of the violence was a bit disturbing. I like reacquainting myself with this reading thing. It's seriously been way too long.

Related purchase
The next thing I want to buy, besides some new shoes,
(green? or yellow?)
is the Lightwedge, so I can read in bed while he sleeps, without having the lights on.
Here is me, right now, blogging whilst Mr. (edited) slumbers:

Here is a dramatization of a typical night at our household with the Lightwedge:

Or, I would like a shelf above my headboard with a lamp on it. Either would be nice.

My future daughter (in the DISTANT future) is "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World"! I saw this book in the freebie bin at work, and I immediately thought that something about the girl's shoulder resembled my own, and then I thought, "I hope my daughter(s) have wavy, reddish hair and golden, freckly skin like that." I really do. I think I've blogged about this before. For a long time, I've hoped I would have redheaded, TAN children. I just think red hair and freckles are so beautiful. Good thing Neil seems to be a carrier.


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

What a glorious post! I like the green shoes, but both are very you and very attractive.

Cut your hair just like you said and poof it if you want! (then post a photo so I can see please).

Well, that's enough demands for now.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

Oh no I lied (one more comment and perhaps the most important): the top photo could be in a catalog for very fresh, young, and stylish summer clothing or just in elle magazine (next to an article about vacationing in the tropics with the one you love) or something like that.

modestmuse said...

lol, thanks. I'm leaning toward the green ones, too. I don't know if you remember the last green sandals I had were in HI; very practical, that color. I wore them until they started to get holes in the soles and finally abandoned them after I stepped in dog crap and the smell wouldn't leave them. Better luck with this pair.

Hair appt. is next Fri.! I will cut and pouf to the max and post the results :)

THANKS for the compliments -- high praise, indeed, coming from the queen of stylish photos.

Iggy Bloggit said...

hi you! this post was another reminder of how much i love you! that first photo is awesome. thanks for the fun times on saturday. and you're right about the mosquito netting. although i would not want to get into a political debate about it with mr walton. he is sure to shoot some metaphoric cliche at me that will have me in laughs, thus dehabilitaing my argumentory skills. oh also i had to L-O-L at the "irrational fear" you left on julie's blog. that is just too funny! i would never have even thought of that!!! hahahhahahahaa

nomadic gnome said...

First of all I totally love you. Secondly, your posts are always so full of entertainment and laugh outbursts - the dramatization with the lightwedge nearly gave me a coronary. Not that I even know what that means.
The great thing about you is that you are hot and you totally look great with any hairstyle or shoe. I'm so jealous of your fresh style. Fresh like fresh prince - that kind.
Anyway hope to see you soon - the other night was so funny.

Tara said...

id like some wedding pics please! i am such a fan of yellow, but i like the green ones too. very cute taste of shoes btw.

Taralyn said...

So good for you in getting a real honeymoon. You're already better off than I was when I started. HA! Need to hang out with you guys! We miss you!

modestmuse said...

OK, so I don't know if any of you will read this, but:

Leslie, thanks for loving me! And letting my boring blog remind you of that! And for enjoying my crappy photos. My camera has an annoying dirt spot or something inside that gives all my pics a little black rain cloud in the corner. Argh. I thought hanging out with Mr. W. would challenge my desire to remain neutral on 99% of topics, but it really hasn't. I guess he didn't marry me for my debating skills. Wish I had your clever argumentary arsenal. I don't even break into fits of laughter. Bor-ing. AND, my hairstylist (I need to post pics of my new 'do) is, as Nelly put it, "1/2 black and Asian," and she said she feels the SAME WAY when she's out with her (black) dad! She says she tries to say, "Hey, DAD" a lot so people don't get the wrong idea! Haha so I'm not the only one!

Julie, thank you for the awesome compliments! Wow. You are amazingly stylin' yourself. I'll have you know neither Neil nor I can get your boots off our minds. I've checked every retailer I can think of, Craigslisted and eBayed since I saw them, to no avail. They're sweet, and clearly one-of-a-kind. Keep rockin' 'em! Glad you find my posts entertaining. Yours are far more hilarious! Please, more ghetto chronicles.

Tara, wedding pics when we see some belly pics!! Actually, I seriously have zero pics of my wedding. OK, I have a few Stephanie sent me from the luncheon. NONE from the reception or temple! Patiently, patiently waiting. Will post 'em when I gots 'em :) What's your excuse? ;) I am so excited for updates on your pregnancy.

Taralyn, Easter was a good time. We MAY be coming down soon. We are taking Sterilite tubs and THE SHELVES to your parents' place/your place? Not sure, but glad I will be able to reclaim 70% of my apt. I want to see and help out with the farm, too. Let's watch movies or do SOMETHING.