Monday, March 24, 2008

Primavera, Printemps, Springtime

I am looking forward to seeing the cherry blossoms this year in D.C. I missed it the past couple years. Now that I don't work for an accounting firm on the weekends before April 15, and I live in Arlington, I am def making my way across the river to see this glorious rite of spring.

Some cherry plum trees and forsythia are blooming in the courtyard outside my window, so I went out and cut some to put around the apt. And then I got all dramatic with the camera:


mel said...

yeah! we should go to the parade t/g! I've never been either, i'm stoked!

Ryan said...

Blogging about cherry blooms, eh? I guess you really did get married. Nice move with that ambiguous comment in my blog; I didn't know who it was, and I was really happy to find it was you.
AlSoo--I'm gonna nEEd u2 editize this novel,,, I'm writin.

Taralyn said...

I've been gone for Spring the last 7 years and I'm so excited! We should go picnicking!

modestmuse said...

Melinda, let's do it! I didn't even know there was a parade. Do they throw candy??

Ryan ... yeah, life just got so boring after leaving the Ke Alaka'i :) Forgot that modestmuse isn't really an identifying moniker. Neither is Half-Breed Outlaw. Don't get my hopes up about editing! (Are you really writing a novel?!)

Taralyn, a picnic would be lovely. Like July 4, except without the random tornado. Please come up here so we can have a cherry-blossom outing!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

those are real? you just picked them and stylishly placed them around your apartment? ah, the vibrance of it all- what a dream. :)

nomadic gnome said...

Bootyful. You know - the flowers. We should definitely get down to the mall this weekend. Kite-flying on saturday, matinee at the art musuem, marathon on many things! We should do some activities together. I need some Waltons time b4 I move!