Friday, June 27, 2008

Holy Moley!

Sometimes I really do want to post, but there's nothing to say. I asked Neil for a topic, and he suggested:

1) His quills (spiky shoulder hairs).
2) Yesterday's Washington, D.C., gun ban law that was reversed by the Supreme Court. (The best sign held by a supporter, which was in the main photo on the Nation/World News page I designed at work yesterday: "If guns kill people ... do pens misspell words?")
3) Obama. Or maybe that was my idea.

None of these is really something upon which I care to elaborate here. I do like plucking and Obama; not so sure about the whole gun thing.

I need to teach Neil how to whistle, and he needs to do a backflip for me. These were things we promised would transpire during the honeymoon, and they never did! Neil is also bitter that I didn't remove his moles, which was also something I promised him I would do, which is the only thing I've totally went against my word on with him.

He always reminds me that a CERTAIN family member of his has moles, and this family member's devoted wife removes them via the following method:

- Locate mole
- Tie dental floss tightly around base of mole
- Allow mole to die a slow, horrible, constricted death whereon it shrivels up and eventually falls off -- basically killing the mole.

That's sick, if you ask me. I promised I would do it, but I think I said that just so he wouldn't do it himself. The truth is, I like his moles. They're cute and not at all nasty or unsightly. He had one surgically removed from his neck shortly after I met him. Then he killed one of his moles in the above-mentioned way shortly before we got married. Sick. He wants me to get a couple hard-to-reach ones on his back. I think it's really gross and sad to kill them. He says I lied. I say it was to protect the moles. I'm just afraid he's going to cut them off himself. Is it an urban legend that you can't stop the bleeding from a mole?


mel said...

wow, i'm totally not hungry anymore... maybe we can reschedule lunch?

Bille said...

I am totally with you on this one, leave them alone... and gross.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

NASTY! i've never even heard of that! tell neil i love him the way god made him :) haha!

the mom said...


Tevita and Liz said...

wait, i love moles. i think they're kind of cool being that i have one one right below my bottom lip and above my chin, remember? it provides a fun symmetry to my face, i think. but some people see them as a deficit (see my very first post on my blog) and i don't know why!

so bottom line, your husband's hot. can't he just live with one "fault" (if that's what he sees his moles as)?? um . . this comment's getting a bit winded. sorry. and the floss removal? um, no.

modestmuse said...

Wow, sorry for the gross-out, ladies.

With your votes of confidence, hopefully Neil will realize how special his moles are :)

Aly said...

That is so great! Maybe you can set up shop in your apt. The ambience of the lettuce light is excellent for a tranquil mole removal! You could call it

I would definetly come..but only when it was a 2 for 1. I'm tight on cash right now.

PS Cheap overhead too!