Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Hurry Up and Wait"

Well, I got a letter from the State Department yesterday.
The good news: I passed the final review.

The annoying news: My name has been added to a list of candidates to start anywhere between now and 18 mos. from now.

I am really excited to start this job, so I hope I get called up sooner than later.

In other news, we had our second day of leading nursery today. The kids sang the "Daddy" song in Sacrament, which was very cute. They were really fun during nursery, but it took me a little while to warm up to them and vice versa. I just don't know how to "get in there" and join what they're doing when I first come in. I feel idiotic trying to talk to them in a chipper, high voice about whatever they're doing. One of the moms was there for a little while and she probably wondered why I was even there. I did, too. But it got better.

In news news, I have only worked two Fridays in the past 6 mos. (I love my schedule -- except that it means I work Sundays) and one of them was last Fri. 6/13. At work, we're all tuned to CNN, so I heard the news break about Tim Russert's passing.
I never watched "Meet the Press," but he was definitely recognizable from the commentary and correspondence he provides on other programs. This was one of those things I wished could be taken back. From my limited knowledge, he definitely is an irreplaceable figure, and was a really great, smart individual.

In old news, I'm always a little startled when I see this infomercial guy on TV:
Because he looks alarmingly like my old boss:


Tara said...

i didn't know you were applying for a new job! what is the position? that is exciting. hang in there with nursery. it took me a while to warm up too.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i do sharing time and i feel similarly and i too was sad about tim russert. i am not sure why other than it is the end of a familiar face...

modestmuse said...

Tara -- I'm going to be an Office Management Specialist in the Foreign Service. It's basically an administrative person in an embassy. So I'll live overseas!

Stephanie -- I didn't know you were in Primary, too. Fun times. Maybe I can join you in sharing time in a couple weeks :)