Monday, November 10, 2008

What A Croc

These are not Crocs.

OK, they are!

But not the hideous monstrosities I usually associate with the word "Crocs." Ugh. I would rather impale myself on a baseball bat than wear those.

... OK, ACTUALLY, a couple of weeks ago, I had to borrow a pair for a minute from my cousin-in-law ... 's son (?) to traverse a field, and I will honestly say, despite the fact that I wanted to "shout at my shoes" as my mom would say (i.e., VOMIT) every time I looked at my feet, the unprecedented level of comfort afforded by the cushioned sole and the EXTRA-roomy, ventilated interior made my feet feel like they were in a cloud.

They felt great! They looked revolting!

A week later, I got a package in the mail. Neil likes to surprise me with occasional online shopping presents, and since I am obsessive about checking the mail, he knows I'll get it right away.

Hm, was I obsessed with checking the mail before or after I started getting occasional gifts therein? I digress.

So I opened this particular package, and what should I find inside but a pair of CROCS! But not just ANY Crocs -- WEARABLE Crocs.
They actually looked cute! And when I put them on, despite the fact they are only 1/3 the size of "normal" Crocs, I still felt the roominess and extreme amount of cushioning in the sole. Heaven!

Thankfully, they are not air-conditioned with all of those ridiculous perforations that make Crocs suitable for use as a colander. Instead, they are finished with a "sueded" look, although they are 100% synthetic. They are actually warm and waterproof and have excellent traction on the bottom.

I haven't been able to take them off my feet! For a long time, I felt an overwhelming disdain for everything about Crocs -- but today I am a CROCS CONVERT! I think you can see another reason why I like them -- they look like my ballet shoes.
Before I go too far, I will say that I still don't condone wearing the ginormously offensive Crocs in public. If you want to indulge in their comfort, I still think that's best done at home.

But these little beauties that I have on my feet this very second are perfect for everywhere! I don't want to take them off. IF you decide to get them -- -- ---- I know, I know, you hate Crocs, but TRUST ME, these ones won't make people think less of you as a person --- ---- you should order one entire size smaller than your normal shoe size. The first package I got were size 9, my yoozh size, and they were too big! They don't have half-sizes, of course. So I got the size 8 on Fri. and they are a perfect fit. I have worn them every day since I got them! Even Sunday!! I think they are appropriately tasteful for Church and PERFECT for chasing los niƱos around in Nursery.

Of course, take all of this with a grain of salt -- I have been wearing a lot of impossibly high heels lately. Wooden shoes would probably be a relief after that.


Brianna and Byron Putnam said...

Love this post :) you are so fun to listen to (or read from haha) and even my hubby says you are a good writer

Lincs and Ali said...

Ps I totally almost bought those exact pair of crocs... but then I thought they might give me blisters...

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

first of all, i must say i am enjoying all the views and poses we recieved with this post. i feel like i know the shoes from every angle (and your cute little skinny legs!) which is important since i too hate crocs but LOVE these!

also, when we were at disneyland with my family this summer i came off a ride only to see my parents holding ambrose and he was wearing a new pair of shoes... MICKEY MOUSE CROCS! they are bright blue and instead of the holes- there are mickey mouse heads on the top. also, i saw the price tag... they were like 32 dollars or something outrageous. at first i was like, gee thanks mom... but i have to say that looks aside (and actually the cartoonish look of crocs suits a 1 year old) they are so so easy to put on his big fat feet and they FIT his big fat feet. so, he wears them a lot even if i never would. :)

i WOULD wear these however- good job neil!

Rosie Posie said...

Love the shoes Megan. Miss you guys.

Z. Marie said...

Because I was a newspaper editor in Colorado, I knew way more about Crocs before most people did -- not that I cared.
But my daughter loves hers. Yes, they're the monstrous kind.
I just don't see myself wearing them, although I won't rule out the less offensive (cute) ones.

modestmuse said...

Thanks, Bri!

Ali, do it! No blisters here. I don't usually get them, though.

Steph, these would be perfect in HI. A dressier but comfy alternative to slippahs. Glad you like my cameraphone handiwork ;D And my scrawny legs. I think Crocs do suit children for ease and the look. The Mickey ones for a baby do sound kinda cute!

Rosemay, thanks! We miss you too!

Zoe, I didn't even know these were made in CO (or should I say Colo.) until I got mine. I thought they were an unfortunate import from Australia. They are somehow a little more fitting for children.

MoninPaul said...

i love the crocks!

AJ said...

oh no you din't.
you did.
uh oh.
i think i might like your .....
cute pair of worlds most hideous shoes.
I feel your pain with the heinous sight of Crocs.
Where did he find those and what a sweet husband you have. That is precious tender.

**When Jake was juggling the idea of a new education he took some art classes and he did a pencil sketch of a 20 in. Croc.

mel said...

okay, i'll think about it... those do look cute...

nomadic gnome said...

I like them. And you have AMAZING legs. Why do you ever wear pants? I mean that in a totally platonic way.

Linda Robertson said...

I also think Crocs are hideous, but Jacob swears by them--for around the house.

Inspired by your story I checked out the official Crocs site, and I'm amazed at all the styles there are.

I think any style would still look awful on my skinny feet, though.

modestmuse said...

Thanks, ladies (especially you, NG :) AJ, you should post said Croc still-life! Linda, I think you should give them a try, look at my skinny no-arch feet! Not bad, if I do say so myself.

Sofia Deyanira said...

Hmm, I think I need a pair like these. I work in nursery too (unofficially with Matt and our Bou) and Sundays I opt my Danskos out sadly for some painful dressier ones. But these look darling. Megan! Do you even remember me? I worked for two semesters in the Ke Alaka'i.... Are you in DC these days?

Taralyn said...

Funny, my mom recently surprised me with the same present, only red. What an awesome gift! I'm so excited, but I fear my poor toes are too cold for them at this time of year.

Crystal said...

I love my Croc, Mary Janes : ) What kind are those, I want some. Blessings to you~