Thursday, November 20, 2008

En Un Dos Por Tres

I got another mailbox surprise!

The cameraphone doesn't do it justice. And it's a step up from my tiny little spy camera but not as cumbersome as the Mother Lode. Neil got it so I could take pictures for YOU and post them here!

So I had fun with it this weekend.

"Bad To The Bone" at the Capitol. I'm lovin' the kitten-heel biker boots.

Saturday was rainy and created this beautiful, shimmering evening. The G-20 folks were still in town, and I can't help but think there was something in the air to make D.C. glimmer just for them. It definitely didn't feel or look like a normal night. The air was super-clear, and although there were clouds, they amplified and illuminated the clarity.

The Washington Monument and Capitol were literally glowing.

Ron's band rocked.

This series of houses where we parked looked like a movie set. They were all so small, neat and not very tall, and the street was completely quiet. It looked like they could be made of plywood and might fall over on us at any moment.
The addresses on the houses on the bottom right say "HALF" beside the door. So small!

Tuesday night we went to the Annual InterFaith Concert, held this year at the Washington National Cathedral. An awesome, awesome venue for an amazing concert.

Neil took me to the concert two years ago for our first date. Good work!

His uncle conducts the Mormon Choir of Washington, D.C., and they gave an amazing performance.
Wait a minute, who are those two young men in the middle-right panel, front row?? (Click to enlarge -- Hint: We're all related.)

The acoustics in the cathedral were incredible. I love that place. This picture doesn't have the right perspective to suggest its enormous size -- it's the sixth-largest cathedral in the world!

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Taralyn said...

Man, wish I had known you were going. I would have considered the hike to attend the concert. Oh well.... you'll just have to come see me :)