Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Engagement" Pics

Be careful with whom you feign eternal love. It just might turn into the real thing!

This is a pic of Neil and me not three months after we met.
So we're at the D.C. temple (where we were married a little more than a year after this picture was taken) looking at the Christmas (2006) lights and Melissa thinks it would be cute for us to pose like we're taking an engagement photo. I guess this is the best we could come up with.

Things didn't change much a year later (Christmas 2007) when, as an engaged couple, we played Mary and Joseph at the D.C. temple's live Nativity. That's us in the center. We've got the pose down pat.

About this same time, we took our real engagement photos. But first a fake one. This was us just being goofy; I only post it because this is the only photo I have where Neil is making a nice smile! He normally won't smile in photos because he thinks he has an ugly smile. WHAT?!?!?!

We did end up doing a real one, although it was a bit tongue-in-cheek, too. We really seem to like the "adoring gaze" pose.
I've heard it all -- "Why aren't you even touching?" (don't worry, we got over that) "Did you PhotoShop yourselves into this?" (no, we're actually on the shelves) "It looks like Neil has black hair" (the magic of photo toning) "It looks like Neil has an afro" (he wishes) "What's up with the shelves?" (it's a long story) "I almost threw this away, I thought it was an ad" (seriously? In a wedding announcement?) "I thought this was the picture that came with the frame" (sorry, Taralyn, we'll give you a "real" one so people will stop telling you that ;)
But we've also heard a lot of positive things about it, and no matter what, I love how it turned out. It was my idea, and thanks to Leslie's genius, my dream was realized!


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i LOVED and still do love you engagement photo. it is so original and kind of retro looking and adorable. i was a fan from the start.

martin said...

can't believe there was any question. best engagement photo i've ever seen.

martin said...

ahhhhhh, martin= diana

Liz said...

i love these photos. every one. you two are so "breakfast at tiffany's", it's awesome.

mel said...

haaa, Awesome! Only two things to say 1) Neil has a nice smile, tell him he's crazy 2) I LOVED your engagement photo. Way to actually be artistic instead of just cheesy mormon-show off the ring-run of the mill ridiculousness!

oh and ps. do i get to see you before you leave?!!!

Brooke said...

Neil - get over your smile phobia! I really want to see the invitation/photo in person! How original! Our picture in from of Chairman Mao's portrain on Tiananmen Square didn't go over well with our Taiwanese friends.

Brianna and Byron Putnam said...

There is nothing wrong with an orignial picture in an announcement!!!!! I like it :) miss you meg

modestmuse said...

Wow, thanks ladies!

Steph, Diana, you two are so kind.

And Liz, Tiffany's?! Thanks!

Mel, lunch? I need to hear the latest on your travel/life plans.

Brooke, bring your pic on Sun.!

Miss you too, Bri!

Tara said...

neil has a very nice smile!!

nomadic gnome said...

Love this post. And love that you took a preemptive photo. How bold!

You guys are so great together.

abby said...

I love your engagement photo. It's a real couple doing something real. I love how the laptop is involved. It makes my computer nerd heart leap for joy. I'm amazed the shelves were able to stay up.

I agree Mr. W has a wonderful smile.

mj said...

yes, that real engagement photo is definitely in the running for best ever. i remember exclaiming with joy when i saw it.

Rosie Posie said...

Hey Megatroid, this is Collin. Do you mind emailing me Neil's phone # and email address? Josiah thought it would be funny to throw away my cell phone, which had all my info in it. It was hilarious.....really, it was hilarious losing every phone number I had....hilarious. Anyways, if you could email me, that would be faaantastic. Thanks