Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Girls' Night!!!!

I grew up with Rennie and Leslie, and periodically we have girls' nights, most recently last night! Leslie actually lives within walking distance from my house in Arlington, but Rennie lives in Atlanta and works for Delta. Luckily she has business trips up here once in awhile.

We have a crazy time talking and laughing for hours ... and being silly with the camera.

Something has to be said for the crazy coincidence that we all have THE SAME purse, but in different colors!!!!
I don't know why, but Leslie thought it would be funny for us to pose with the purses on our heads. I felt like a certain someone:


Bille said...

What a funny coincidence.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

seriously what are the odds??

and i like your celebrity look alike photo... :)

Liz said...

um, i love those purses. what are they?
also, can you email me at i don't have your email addy and i gotta ask you something heinous.
thanks and oh, love the photos!

mel said...

What??! What??? Tell me next time she' in town would ya! :)

Moni & Paul said...
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Moni & Paul said...

ha ha jack nicholson's twin? ha ha

Fearless Leader said...

Megan- I miss you! I love you! And this post makes me jealous ...and makes me want to go buy a purse...but in green or purple.

Jacksonian Traveler said...

Megan and Neil, Merry Christmas!! Glad you had time with girlfriends and the purses are fantastically funny.