Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Out and About

Last weekend Neil and I did a few things on our "to-do in Buenos Aires" list: shopping the ferias in La Boca and the Design Center in Recoleta, touring MALBA the art museum and the theatre-turned bookstore El Ateneo.

The highlight of the art museum, besides this bench, were works by Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. I didn't have the nerve to photograph them.

I saw this book three times over the weekend and finally bought it at MALBA.

It is a coffee-table photography book called "Grandes Mujeres/Almas Gemelas" ("Great Women/Soul Mates"). The first half is portraits of everyday elderly Argentine women; the second half is portraits of Argentine identical twins of all ages, guys and girls. I love old people. And twins!

The highlight of Mother's Day was breakfast at Nucha. I know, I know, it was Sunday. But we had a great time talking and eating this insane, INSANE spread:
It's on the menu as tea for two, and it was insane: a basket of breakfast breads served with jam, dulce de leche (caramel), and cream (!), medialunas (croissants), your choice of brownie AND a slice of cake from their specialty bakery, assorted chocolates, your choice of teas, toasted HAM AND CHEESE SANDWICHES, fresh-squeezed orange juice, scones ... I think that was it. IS THAT NOT AN INSANE amount of food?!?!?!


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

what a life- what a life! i tell you what. :)

excuse me as i go change my shirt that has ambrose's snot all over it.....

live it up people! <3

modestmuse said...

As I always have to remind you, you're the one going to the beach IN HAWAII every day :) We, on the other hand, live on the banks of a polluted river! Though I hope by some amazing turn of events you FOUR can come visit us.

M. said...

how do they stay skinny??!!! Also, that bookstore...when I visit, we HAVE to go there. It's even better than the STrand!

M. said...

ps. why do you not look happy in the photos? Are you trying for an Eastern European flare?

Kelsey said...

That is an amazing meal and an amazing bookstore. There's an old theatre that was turned into a bookstore in Houston, but it's nowhere near as grand. Still neat though.

Lacey said...

I love these activities. The tea for two as much as the amazing bookstore. I thought your pictures captured it really well. We are carving out time and money to visit you next spring break. We are not all talk. Miss you guys...and empathize with Stephanie way too much right now.

modestmuse said...

Miss M, you don't want to know how they stay skinny (*cough* eating disorders *cough* plastic surgery). To their credit, it appears people exercise a ton here, good for them. You'll just have to roll me out of here. Yes, we will definitely visit the bookstore when you come visit. When do you return from England, first?!

Oh, and I don't look happy only because I notice when I smile my face gets all scrunched up and weird. So I went for the dramatic non-smile. Guess neither one really works :) er, :|

Thanks, Kelsey. I've never been to Houston. If you ever come to BA, we'll check out the bookstore, too. I need to (virtually) stop by and see what's happening in Korea!

Did you know Ms. Lacey here just moved back from K-town?

Lacey, we miss you guys so much! It would be fun to hang out and see Olive growing. PLEASE come visit for Spring Break! It will be fall and absolutely gorgeous here. Have fun in the sun (it is cold here!) and give Olive a kiss for me!

Kelsey said...

Thanks! I may actually be visiting Argentina sometime in the next year or so. My dad's hobby is flying, and he co-owns a glider airport with an Argentinean who has a winery somewhere in Argentina. They're starting a business soon that will involve shipping stuff between the two countries, and he has invited my family to come and visit. I've always been somewhat fascinated by Argentina, so if my parents go, I will be tagging along.