Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's Been Going Down

Completely politically incorrect "Family Guy" billboards we saw this weekend:

"Homer is a ..."

"I only go to Springfield to take a ..."

Below, it says "Less yellow, but more acidic" which obviously refers to the Simpsons' skin color, but I am not sure whether that has a double meaning, too.

Anyway, kind of shocking.

We went to the Brazilian Embassy for the opening of an art show. This is me in front of a partially cloudy sky rendered on fluorescent bulbs.

This alarming piece was painted coming out of the vents in the foyer. It was interesting how the building allowed the artists to paint directly on the walls. The show was titled something having to do with the Permanent and the Impermanent, so maybe that was part of it.

Yes, I apparently only have one dress.

This piece is entirely scribbles drawn on the wall with a yellow pen. Neil is not a permanent part of the show.

Close up:

As we left, we checked out the very hoity-toity neighborhood, which had rows of beautiful old buildings, antique stores and designer boutiques. This one houses a Ralph Lauren.

This weekend we took a train to Tigre, a city about 45 min. away at the end of the tracks and the mouth of the river.

It's getting cold here (!) so I bought these sweet sheepskin slippers:

The best part is that they're convertible!!!

They only cost $55 pesos -- at $3.70 pesos to $1, that's $15!

Another deal around here is fresh flowers. They sell them on street corners all over the place. This huge bouquet of lilies was one of the more expensive and cost $40 pesos = $10.80. Wait, maybe that's not really a deal after all? Oh well, I like them!

I like to make terrariums. They're easy, a lot of fun to make and very low maintenance. I had to empty all of them when we moved, so I just started to make new ones. Mom, you were asking about these. This is the first one, a tropical environment (that's natural condensation inside!) in a cake stand:

This is the second one, an arid environment in a candy jar:

OH, and I almost forgot!!!!

Neil ordered these interlocking floor mats so he can breakdance in comfort and without disturbing the neighbors. I plan to use them for ballet, yoga and pilates ... if I can ever get my lazy self to exercise again! Yes, that's my ballet barre in front of the sliding glass door. It makes a lovely studio when the sun is shining!


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i like that break dancing/pilates/ballet floor! very very cool.

Tara said...

love the slippers. the art looks really neat. you guys have such a fabulous life. and i want to come do some break dancing and yoga!

M. said...

lol!! those are funny billboards. Aren't they written by the same ppl?? hmm, well, they are funny either way. Too bad Simpsons is iconic. I want your slippers

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

hooray! glad to be of service- hopefully he can find mochiko flour where you are!!!

Fearless Leader said...

oh meg...I miss you!

Lincs and Ali said...

THose signs are hilarious!