Monday, June 8, 2009

Bill Clinton, aka My Boss' Husband

I went to hear Bill Clinton speak the other night.

OK, that's obviously not him. But my friends and I were so bored waiting for him to finally come on, that we amused ourselves with the thought that Bill has an Argentine body double.

I was so amused messing around with my camera, that when he finally DID come on, and I was sitting in the FIFTH ROW, my camera battery had died. Tragic.

Oh, well. Here are the pics I DO have from the night:

Getting out of the Embassy van at the Hilton, journalists were standing around with cameras. As we approached the turnstile, all the camera flashes went crazy -- I felt like a movie star!!!! My 3 seconds of fame!

Check it out

There was an inordinate number of balding men in black suits who attended the speech.

The speech itself was good, interesting and inspiring. It was pretty wild to be sitting there, looking at and listening to former President Clinton.

In other news, I have to post these pics of my adorable puppy. He is so sweet! The last pic has the kitty in it, too.


mj said...

Ha - that guy does look a lot like him. And your puppy is really, really cute.

nomadic gnome said...

hey i miss having you guys around. can we come see you? are you coming to dc anytime soon? i love the ballet friendly home you are making.