Friday, June 26, 2009

More Than Meets The Eye

We went to the late showing of "Transformers II" last night. Let me just say I looooove Transformers!!!

The first Transformers was sick; I saw it twice in the theatre at Potomac Yards in Arlington. I went to the midnight showing on opening night, with an audience of super-enthusiastic African Americans. It was awesome, lots of audience response -- applause, shouting, laughter, "Oh, no she di'ints!" etc. OK, maybe not the last one :) but you get what I'm saying.

Last night we went to Recoleta Village Cines, which have Ticketmaster-style assigned seating, the seats and aisles are wide and comfy and it's VERY CLEAN -- your shoes don't stick to the floor.

The movie was showing in the largest theatre they have, and it was full. So it made the experience in front of the BIG screen all the more fun -- especially when it got interactive ...

I could feel the crowd was almost as amped as the Potomac Yards crowd. When Optimus Prime made his first, blow-you-away screen debut, I was so excited, I started applauding. Everyone was stoked, but no one really joined in.


when Megan Fox made her first on-screen appearance looking like this,

the audience (or at least the males) erupted in unanimous, refined applause. We could've been at the Kennedy Center -- no catcalls, no comments -- just strong, appreciative applause, clearly in praise of the female form. Funny stuff. They also applauded at the end of the movie; a little more appropriate. I suppose Argentines live up to the Latin machismo thing, but they seem to have a bit of chivalry mixed in.

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