Friday, June 26, 2009

Some Things I Enjoy

There are some things I enjoy here that I would not have the means to "back home."

They include:

Ballet class for 1.5 hours, twice a week. There are only 2-4 of us total on any given night, so we get tons of personal attention and correction. My teacher is AMAZING; he dances in a company here. I'm learning so much, though I still suck. But I don't miss my Washington Ballet classes of 40 students.

Pilates once a week. They don't do mat Pilates here, they use the self-powered machines. Really nice, I'd never seen them before moving here. Again, 4 of us per class, so it's like having a personal trainer.

Massage at home once a week. I am so spoilt. A lady brings her table to my apt. for a 1-hr. treatment. This one I may need to forego, because I seriously feel too pampered. Is that possible?

****Housekeeper.**** This is my favorite thing that I will not be able to do without. I really hate cleaning. I am super lazy when it comes to my house. Sorry, but it's true. I'm not the "homemaking" type -- so why not hire someone who is? She does everything: floors, windows, watering plants (she takes them for a field trip to the balcony for the day, waters them, and brings them back inside!), bathrooms, laundry, IRONING, etc. She would grocery shop and cook, but we do that.

If we decide to expand our family, I have already set the terms that it would ONLY be under the condition that I have a housekeeper and a nanny. Unless Neil wants to nanny, which still fills the requirement. If this means we have to live somewhere where we can find domestic help affordably, so be it. So don't be jealous when we have six beautiful children, but we live in Timbuktu.


Iggy Bloggit said...

um, keep the massages. duh. xo

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

yes- the music selection was in your honor of course! and i dont even know what to say about the housekeeper and massages- im so insanely jealous! :)

send a couple of those my way please before i lose my mind.

and a word to the wise (cuz you are wise, and im annoying and can never keep my mouth shut)- just be very careful who your nanny is (duh. i know you know this- but humor me.) kids cant help but be like the people they are with all day so if it isnt their mother- it better be a reeeal good nanny! ah, just send em to me. i'm crazy but ill do my best.

or better yet, we'll come live out there and ill watch your kids while youre at work and that'll pay for my massages and my housekeeper! ha!

deal? awesome. see you soon. :)