Sunday, May 10, 2009

Puppy and Kitty

Sorry Neil, I had to -- this pic cracks me up.

Introducing Ellie the kitty and ... well ... after a month, the puppy still doesn't have a name.

We adopted a cat from a feral cat rescue program, and we had to get her surgery on her right eye (this photo was pre-surgery), which looks good now but she can't see out of it.

Since her left eye is her "good eye," we named her L.E. or "Ellie." Yeah, remember Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes from TLC?

Our Ellie likes music, too. It lulls her to sleep.She loves Neil more than me. Neil doesn't love the flat-iron experiment I did on his hair in this photo. But he does love his new mini-guitar.

Anyway, Ellie is sweet, but the as-yet unnamed puppy is the BEST!!! He is so cute and funny. And very smart and good. And little! He is a toy poodle. I know, I know. I never thought I would, and then everyone here has one and I caved, so we are very Argentine, owning a "caniche toy" (Spanish for toy poodle).

The puppy and the kitty LOVE to play with/attack one another. They both love to chase string, and this shoelace is one of their favorite toys. One will drag it and the other one will chase or vice versa. Here, the puppy was chewing on it (he is so cute when he lays on his stomach with his legs splayed like that) and the cat is attacking his face. Fun times! Thanks, Neil, for blocking off the carpeted areas :)


abby said...

I love poodles. They are great dogs. I grew up with a white mini that looked like your little guy and my mom has a toy red poodle. Sometimes they are too smart. I think you should name him Che after Che Guevara.

emily said...

you are so lucky! i love when pups lay in the froggy position. so ca-ute! mathew and i just spent a lovely weekend with over 50 corgis. it was a dream come true.

Moni & Paul said...

hi! Cuteee dog... how long are u there? FOR GOOD?