Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No McDonald's

Believe it or not, like it or not -- there is no McDonald's in Botswana.

As in, no McDonald's in the entire country. No McDonald's here in the capital city -- thriving metropolis of 200,000 -- Gaborone.

Where am I????

You can say all kinds of noble, anti-capitalistic things about how a country is probably better off without the Golden Arch of American consumerism and SuperSized symbol of U.S. obesity.

But sometimes you find yourself hungering for a Quarter-Pounder with Cheese and those delicious, oil-soaked, salty fries.

Why no McDonald's?

The short answer is that apparently the McDonald's franchise requirements and standards are too much for this country to support. This seems like a curious answer to me.  What does that say about a place where even McDonald's won't invest?


stephanie joy said...

hmmm this made me hungry for McDonalds. Excuse me..... I wonder how well a fry would travel in a care package? I know it lasts forever in your body...

Lauren said...

None here in Dhaka, Bangladesh, either, or in Libya or North Korea... There's an infographic on wikipedia about where they all are. It might be part of our bidding strategy for next tour: "has a stable enough supply chain and high enough income level to get a McDonald's franchise"

Molathiwa Lesang Dingalo said...

No, that's bull crap. We breed pure beef in Bots and McDonald's do not sell pure beef burgers!!!!!!!!